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    I HATE screen protectors

    Hmmm... My first IPad and I got a screen protector (cheap one) to protect from scratches, splashes etc... Went on easy.. Ok if you look really closely there are a couple of really small bubbles, but I am never aware of them during normal usage. And I know that should I ever need to peel it...
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    New User questions

    Hi BrennB - came across this post of yours today. I can't figure how to import the csv file into contacts? I have exported my winmail contacts to a csv file, put it Dropbox on my pc, .... I can see it from my iPad, but can't see any 'import' option in the native iPad contacts app? Am I...
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    Just got here...

    So came to say hi. Got this ipad2 for christmas and (having spent many years in a former life in IT, predominantly on the dark (Ms) side, have to say how absolutely delighted to find a wee bit of technology that actually works the way it SHOULD do.... Well, most of the time, Whilst I still...
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    Time Zone App with Icon Badges?

    Don 't know of anything that will do this in a icon on-screen, but world clock gives me what I need, for several time zones at once...? Cheers Uptix