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    Problem solved. Thanks
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    not away from home , settings are the same as lap top, can send mail from here, checked with internet provider and they are correct.. Apple shop said service provider had "blocked " mail!!!!. I thought that this was rubbish
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    using IPAD-unable to connect to outgoing server to send mail. can receive mail. have used for 6 months with no problem
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    edit contact list -email

    Thanks for trying. It is frustrating and like you I do not want to do a restore, will have to live with it.
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    edit contact list -email

    The "contacts" i am talking about seem to be added by the mail on ipad. they do not appear on Home page contacts , webb mail contacts or Outlook contacts. When I replied to Epson using the ipad the person was saved as a "contact" .I am at a loss how I can remove these as I do not require them...
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    printing problems

    I have an Epson wireless printer. I have downloaded the I Print app but this only prints photo's. Epson advisors were of no help. Please can aanyone advise me on the best app to download so that i can print mail etc from my Ipad.:(
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    edit contact list -email

    I have conected to e.mail -using Mail Contacts and Calendars via SETTINGS. Please could you advise me how I can edit the Contact list as there are changes that i need to make to address of one contact and delete another contact. help Please.
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    Worried needs help

    Hi, I was recently given an Ipad which I think is marvelous. however it has given me a few headaches which I hope your forum will be able to help