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    A case of the [3]

    I have been looking for a good replacement for the targus vucase which protected my ipad 2. But even targas has had their share of fitting problem. I am interested in hearing from other owners who have found a good case that allows both orientations for easy hands free reading/typing. thanks...
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    movies on new ipad

    check out avplayerhd... jhv
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    People saying the new iPad is really to hot to hold.

    Turning brightness down to about 80% seems to have taken care of the heat... jhv
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    Fosmon case for Ipad 3

    Caution: the case I received was beautiful and the price was right. It looked just like my old Targus VueCase but unfortunately appears to be made for the 2 and is does not have the depth for the 3. I am in touch with the company now to find out what gives. jhv all ads have been either...
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    Set up content!

    Servers were probably overwhelmed. I downloaded the apps from iCloud then synced the machine. Seemed to work okay other than I had to arrange all of my folders again. Same as last time. Maybe they'll have things fixed when the "4" or Ipad + comes out :eek: jhv
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    if you sold your ipad2 for ipad3, how much did you get it?

    Once I had secured an Ipad 3 for the 16th, I went to ebay to find what completed transactions looked like. I evaluated the condition of my ipad 2 (sweet) and threw in a nice Targus case and charging stand. I added free priority mail shipping. I realized I should get at least 449.00 to...
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    if you sold your ipad2 for ipad3, how much did you get it?

    Ipad 64gb white with wifi sold with targus vuecase for 549.00 sunday. Shipped yesterday and I am going thru rapid withdrawl - kinda like phantom limb syndrome... :eek: jhv
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    Fosmon case for Ipad 3

    try: Fosmon 360 Degree Revolving Case with Multi Angle Stand for iPad 2 (Built-in Magnet Sleep and Awake Function) - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories One day without Ipad: vision blurring, hands shaking... cold sweat, GI...
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    Fosmon case for Ipad 3

    looking for a replacement for my Targus case sold with the 2. Found Fosmon cases on Amazon and Ebay. Have ordered one and will get back to you. Looks like a generic for the Targas Versavue but much less expensive (i.e. cheap).
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    stream networked (wi-fi) music files to play on ipad app?

    I am looking for an app to play music files on network server through the iPad. Anyone?
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    No iPad 4 section?

    I remember reading caution last fall re: the "real" ipad 3 updates were going to be seen fall of 2012. That bothers me. We all remember the iphone G followed by the much improved GS. Maybe it will just be the smaller model this fall... Only Apple's "fishermen" Know...
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    worth upgradeing?

    I wonder what it costs to replace the battery on the orig or the model 2?
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    The newest ipad 3 release and content rumors...

    What is the best guess of ipad 3's actual release date? Where is the most accurate list of new features? Please keep this topic only about the latest-greatest info for the craziest early adapters (like me). Ipad, an annual event! March 1st...
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    What's your feeling on the Smart Cover, like it or not???

    It seems to be one of those love/hate relationships. It does as described, protect the front (with a very ingenious attachment mechanism) from unexpected scuffs and scratches. It easily folds back to provide a fair handle for reading or a stand for quickly typing a high priority message. ...