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    Skype for ipad

    Hi If I'm chatting to someone on the new Skype for iPad, how do I go back to my contacts menu? Just can't figure it out. Thanks
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    How do i tell if its jailbroken?

    Where can I get sources from?
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    How do i tell if its jailbroken?

    I downloaded Cydia and it seems to work, but all I can download are themes, where Do i get apps from? Also I found out you can get Edit - no pirate apps discussion /app tracker. Bt when I search on Cydia it only offers edit no discussions of pirate apps theme. Whats going on??
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    Is your ipad 2 Jailbroken?

    What a the benefits of jailbraking my iPad?
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    Is your ipad 2 Jailbroken?

    My bad, just repeating what I heard. don't mean to be a pirate. But how can I jailbreak my iPad, I have tried a few things but nothing has worked. Also dies it depend where I am? I live in South Africa.
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    Is your ipad 2 Jailbroken?

    Ow can I jailbreak my IPad 2? I tried using Spirit but it said that it didn't support device, I'm running on 4.3.3 Also what does jail breaking my iPad do? Please help....
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    Hi How do I jailbreak my Ipad2? I am running of version 4.3.3 I tried the jailbreak website but all it says is "it's been way to long" or something like that, and that's all it does. Can anyone help? Cheers