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    Right angle 30 pin Connector

    Ouch. It's 70 bucks for a 90 degree adapter! I pay $20, no more.
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    iPhone to iPad VRM

    Has anyone seen any apps that will let me control my iPhone from my iPad? I'd like to use the larger iPad screen for reading/answering exchange server mail that is locked to my work iPhone.
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    VCM iPad to iPhone

    Anyone seen a VCM app that will let me control my iPhone from my iPad via WiFi or BT? My iPhone has exchange server mail for work and I have a hard time seeing and typing on the small iPhone screen.
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    GPS Navigation recommendations?

    Michael, I think the maps just keep building in MotionX. At least I hope so. I'll know the next time that I that one of the routes that I preloaded. Yesterday I made a ninety mile trip that was not preloaded. It did good even with intermittent cellular across part of the route. I still...
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    GPS Navigation recommendations?

    Thanks for the advice. it looks like motion-x for now and navigon once they have an iPad version. After visiting the Motion X site I learned that it only downloads the maps once, up to the max map storage of 2GB. This could still leave you in a bind when theres no cell coverage but on the...
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    GPS Navigation recommendations?

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the detailed information. Jwt873 - It's certainly good to know that GPS Drive HD will still work after the turn by turn runs out. I always mute GPS sounds anyway, that's one reason why I want a BIG gps screen. deckyon - the downloadable maps sound interesting. Is that...
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    GPS Navigation recommendations?

    Does anyone have suggestions for a iPad (not iPhone) GPS navigation app? Any positive reviews on Copilot? It looks interesting but, reviews are mixed and it's a little pricy just to try it out. An application with offline US maps is required due to frequent travel in areas without cellular...
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    Apple newbie

    Thanks for the warm welcome.
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    Apple newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm a new Apple user after the recent purchase of an iPad 64 GB. Never mind the user name, couldn't think of anything and noticed all the greasy fingerprints on the screen. My primary intention is to use the iPad in my car for GPS, traffic and for a iPod interface to my Audio...