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    How to remote control an IPAD ?

    Here's one. I want to watch tv episodes i stream from my media server to my ipad, which is connected to my tv on the other side of the room. i'd like to take my iphone, and when one episode ends, put the other on. being able to remote control my ipad would prevent me from having to get up and...
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    Words With Friends

    kill the task then restart it. make sure the game is up to date.
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    Muliple screen images

    Sounds like your display is shot. Looks like you'll have to replace the screen.
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    hw to download video from pc to ipad2

    I didn't intend to promote anything, that was the only software that I had personal experience with though. There's several that do the same thing, that was the first one I found, and it was cheap and worked, so I have had no reason to seek alternatives. It has the option to convert, so you can...
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    Stupid iTunes keeps putting my ipad crap on my iphone and my iphone crap on my ipad

    Unchecked across the board. I had everything like this disabled for this reason. Obviously HD apps on my iphone and vice versa do me no good. I don't know what it's doing.
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    RDP on Ipad

    I have found hte 2x client app works well, is free, and supports bluetooth keyboard. i haven''t tried with mouse though, but since i can do mostly everything with keyboard I've not had an issue. The app is free, too.
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    Stupid iTunes keeps putting my ipad crap on my iphone and my iphone crap on my ipad

    I have the sync apps checkbox unchecked. I manage my files manually, no syncing, because i use my netbook, work laptop, and home desktop to manage my ipad/iphone. Yet it still pushes stuff on there, and i have no idea why.
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    hw to download video from pc to ipad2

    I used to go through the conversion process for videos to convert to mp4 so they could play, but then I found an app called air video player, which transcodes and streams video from my computer to my ipad. 2 catches with it though, 1) you need to have the computer on any time you want to watch...
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    Stupid iTunes keeps putting my ipad crap on my iphone and my iphone crap on my ipad

    I have an ipad and an iphone4. Every time i connect the damned things, they suck up all the apps i installed on the devices, then spew them onto the other device as soon as i plug it in. This is quite annoying. How can i make it stop happening?
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    WiFi HDD for iPad

    I only keep apps, music, photo's on my ipad, videos are network/internet accessible. I use Air Video for my videos. It requires an internet connection, but i have a mifi from Verizon, and hotspots are everywhere, so I can generally play what ever, where ever, when ever.
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    Surprises in Apple's financial report

    Damned strait. I can't stand the machines! No right click, the UI hasn't seen an update since 1999. I moved to PC in 2001 to a clunky xp, which became familiar after a while, to vista, to win7, and wow, it's come such a long way! Then I got the mini a few months ago with snow leopard, and said...
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    iTunes store slow on purpose?

    It's ridiculous, my 3g mifi is so ungodly slow on my ipad. I mean seriously slow. It takes forever to download the simplest of apps. Connected to normal wifi is fine and speedy, but not the mifi. Hell,s haring wifi internet from my 3g phone is 10x faster than my mifi. I'm seriously disappointed.
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    Words with Friends Issues

    I'm updating now, it would be nice if it fixed it, that got real old real fast.
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    Verizon FiveSpot went TU!

    I love my mifi, i take hte kids swimming or to practice, it's in my pocket. I tap it on, break out my ipad, and start watching stuff from air video, browsing the web, browsing itunes store, etc. It's small, lightweight, has decent battery life, and is fairly quick.
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    Mahjong? Does anybody play?

    Which version? I see 112 for ipad. I had Mahjong Delux Free, but there's quite a few to choose from it seems.
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    Mahjong? Does anybody play?

    I play solo, i wasn't aware that it had mutliplayer feature. I actually just deleted it because single player gets old, but with multi-player similar to words with friends, that sounds pretty good.
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    basic ipad sync/itunes Q's

    You can sync individual apps with the ipad/touch/etc with itunes. Just grab an app and drop it into itunes or onto your device. There's a bluetooth adapter out there for i think $40ish for the touch, plugs into the bottom. I can't comment on the quality or how it works though. There's apple...
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    ipad 2 delayed by japan tsunami

    Hundreds of people, if not thousands, in the worlds most technologically advanced country, die, shutting down the most advanced city, Tokyo, shutting down 11 nuclear power plants with possible radiation leaks, and countless oil refineries exploding costing trillions in damage, and wiping out a...
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    basic ipad sync/itunes Q's

    You can play your itouch games on the ipad, simply sign into the apple store from your ipad and download it, it's already registered as having you paid for it. Bear in mind it's small, in the middle of the screen. You can click the 2x button and it will enlarge, but it won't be as crisp of...
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    It's apple craze time / New IPAD owners Read

    Maybe to you 3g is a waste of money, but you dont' speak for quite a few people. I regret not getting a 3g ipad, and i will be getting a 3g ipad2, for the gps capabilities. I have a mifi, but I don't always carry it. I have a smartphone that offers free teathering with unlimited data plan, but...
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    Does anyone use bluetooth iPad headphones?

    There is no radiation. Radiation has to do with the decay of radioactive material at how quickly it expels particles. RF is radio frequency, used for wireless. it's an oscillation of energy. They're all around us, the electromagnetic spectrum is filled with them, there's thousands upon...
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    Does anyone use bluetooth iPad headphones?

    I use Nokia BH-503 bluetooth headphones, and they sound awesome. I don't like earbuds at all, so a full ear set is what I look for. I also have had a couple cheapies from ebay for $15 or so shipped, and they sound great.
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    USB Charging

    I believe it was an asus app. By default USB ports are limited to supply 500mA of power, this allows more somehow. Still, your ipad, when hte screen is off, will charge when connected to the usb port, you just can't see it.
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    you can't load epub files to itunes as far as i know, however you can drag them from your hard drive where you downloaded them, directly to the ipad section of itunes to load onto the ipad. Then you can view the ebooks via the ibook app(free from app store).
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    Software to work with the next iOS release?

    Cool, thanks. I am weary about taking hte plunge but I guess there's nothing left but to do it.
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    Ya wanna get screwd over?

    So your ignorance is their fault? As others have said, it's a well known fact and published everywhere that wifi ipads don't have gps. If you purchase a bluetooth device that says "requires bluetooth" but only specific bluetooth radios, it's not gonna specify it until the fine print. That's how...
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    Task killer

    I open the little task thing and get them wiggling, then just tap all the X's, it's pretty quick for me but I only have a handful of apps that I use. However them running in the background does not consume additional resources, because they're not running, they have a 'save state' which is...
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    Software to work with the next iOS release?

    I'm looking to buy some software for my ipad from the store, however I am worried that with the next release of hte iOS it will stop working, and the software developer will abandon it. The software I'm referring to is Air Video. It would be incredibly convenient to have, it saves me from...
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    ipad screen life

    Excelent info, thanks.
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    ipad screen life

    is there anything known about the life of the screen? i was wanting to put on the night stand app and leaving the display turned on all night. can this damage the screen or leave burn in, r are those things of the past?
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    Availability - or sellout on first day

    I'll be at bestbuy at roughly 3:30. I'm going in later today to see what they know about available stock. If that doesn't cut it, i'll order from apple site that day.
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    Have you pre ordered your Ipad 2?

    You can't preorder the ipad2. Not from apple, apple store, bestbuy, or walmart.
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    How to buy an ipad2 on launch day?

    I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm getting one on launch day. The apple store is out of the question, the line will be rediculiously long and you'll have to wait for hours. However what about bestbuy. Is there a way to pre-order? Ultimately, I don't have a lot of free time, especially on...
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    iPad 3!!

    they wont do any optical, optical is dead. the hdd size seems quite ambitious as well. id rather concentrate on the ipad 2 for now.
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    What I've bought so far

    Hmm, maybe not speakers, but bluetooth headphones would be nice.
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    theft proof case for shows?

    Nail it to the ground. No one will take it. :D
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    What I've bought so far

    Macally case, perfect case for me. 2 additional sync cables, for at work and in my laptop bag. A windshield mount, for things I'd probably get flamed for. I have no desire to type on it, so keyboard isn't needed. Not doing the stylus thing. Have cigarette lighter >> usb thing already. I hate...
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    Gizmodo Liveblog
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    What is apple's secret

    I hate apple products, because the only things I generally want to do involve things they don't want me to do. Like watch an .mkv encoded movie. Or connect to a media device on a pc. However the ipad is unique. I can do simple stuff much more quickly and easily on the ipad. I don't use it for...
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    Greetings from NOHO, California!

    No ho? That just doesn't sound like much fun at all... Congrats, enjoy, it's a bunch of fun, and great for on the move.