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    Lost all documents from numbers app in ipad2!

    Hi how did you retrieve your files?
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    Lost all documents from numbers app in ipad2!

    Hi I use icloud for my doc backup on my ipad 2 runnung 5.1.1. Just today I found all 2 spreadsheet docs in numbers app were missing. I checked and there too there were no documents. How should I locate both documents? Thx, Regards Shankar
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    How to transfer movie from ipad to PC?

    Hi I use the built in Video app to view movies on my ipad. I dont see this app listed in the app tab. Should I download/buy another video app? Regards, Shankar
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    How to transfer movie from ipad to PC?

    Hi I have transferred a movie from dvd to my ipad. I lost the movie file after my pc hd crashed. Is there any way I can retrieve the movie file on my ipad to my PC? Thanks in advance Regards Shankar
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    Best bluetooth speaker with charger for ipad 2?

    Hi i am looking for a bluetooth ipad 2 speaker that will also charge the ipad 2 when docked Any suggestions would be welcome! Regards, Shankar
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    How to download a gifted app?

    Hi someone gifted me an app How do I download the app for free? Regds Shankar
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    Itune match help me

    Thx for the tip and link
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    Itune match help me

    Hi i have all my songs in the itunes match cloud However when i listen to any song from the cloud it streams and also downloads the song wasting disk space Is there any way I can only stream songs from the cloud and not download the song thereby saving diskspace!? Thx in advance
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    Ipod app disappears after upgrading my ipad2 to IOS5

    Hi its been replaced by music
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    App store bug with ios 5

    Hi sometimes I click on an app link in the app store but there is no response Same with other links in the appstore Am running ios 5 on ipad 2 Anyone has same bug?
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    Unable to write reviews in app store

    Hi click on all versions and then click on write review
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    Games on iPad 2 and IOS 5

    Hi I have many games on my iPad 2 and so I want to know if these games would run on iOS 5 Anyone know ? Shankar
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    Music listening using headphones and speakers at same time

    Hi basically I want to listen to music via the built in speaker and earphones as well with my ipad2 Is there any way to simultaneously use both at the same time?
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    Unable to update 4.3.5

    Hi check and disable your firewalls/ antivirus