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    I really do think they are restricting competition, which is good for them and their salary but is it good for us, the consumer.
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    Im typing this off an iPad and I have a mac book pro, so don't think I'm anti apple here, I'm not. I don't understand why apple are bringing so many court cases against Samsung, htc etc for patent issues. It's spoiling the market for consumers.... Ie you and me. If Apple continue to suppress...
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    Could I use new ipad 3 in UK?

    Oh, another point....we can't claim back US sales taxes. I looked into that as well. If your driving over there, and not got a sat nav, I used nav-free USA. As it suggests it's a free sat nav, works well on a gps enabled iPad. It's a big download, so if your hotel/villa has wifi, you can...
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    Could I use new ipad 3 in UK?

    I'm just back from the us, 2 weeks in Florida. Yes, you can buy them over there, the £399 model over here is about 80 to 100 cheaper over there. If you do buy, get rid of the box there, or maybe buy the uk adaptor before you go and takeit with you, then it looks like you have bought it here...
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    3G networks

    Not quite right... Three have a roaming agreement with Orange, and so if there is no 3G data coverage I believe that you will use Orange GPRS signal (but not EDGE). Clarify this though with three. Personally, I find three coverage in the major towns and cities to be pretty good. My dad lives...
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    Street atlas?

    Have you looked at openmaps pro? S.
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    Car mount for ipad with otterbox defender?

    No one any suggestions then? Otterbox are missing a trick here.... The defender has four points that the snap on cover fixes too. If a mount was made that utilises these same four points, the defender could be mounted quickly onto it. Even if they made just the holder that then could fix to a...
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    UK - choosing 3G supplier

    I agree that having an o2 sim as a spare is a good plan, the tariffs can be topped up daily if need be. As a telecoms engineer myself, and worked on or used all the uk networks I would still say that three gives the best overall package for data. For voice calls I'd say Vodafone and o2 offer...
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    UK - choosing 3G supplier

    If your currently on orange and have a 3G phone already and get poor coverage then you can strike that one off. T mobile and orange now share 2g signals, they plan to share 3G sometime this year. Dont worry about 4g in the uk yet, still in trial, long way off. Personally, im with Three (with...
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    Do you regret not getting 3G?

    That's why I didn't buy the 3G, already have a data plan in a mifi, so use that for all my devices. Steve
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    Car mount for ipad with otterbox defender?

    As subject, is there a mount/holder for the car that can hold an iPad that's in an otterbox defender? Seen plenty where the device is naked but not that adjusts to or is specific for an otterbox. Any thoughts? Steve
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    New iPad

    I only bought mine in December with the full knowledge that a new one will be out soon. This one does all that I want, can't see so far any reason why the new model will have anything groundbreaking that will make me upgrade. Many people do however upgrade to to the latest, just because they...
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    Pairing with BlackBerry

    You don't even need google sync for the bb, just use a gmail account on the bb and change the options to sync contacts and cal to the cloud and it will sync from the cloud to the iPad. S.
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    iPad clothing ?

    Google is your friend. SCOTTEVEST Travel Clothing Designed to Carry the iPad - Best iPad Accessory - Carry iPad in Style - Cool iPad Case That the one? Surprised it's not called iJacket, lol S.
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    Pls pls answer all of my ipad questions..there's alot!! Thanks.

    Also, if you buy online, you are covered by distance selling regulations which mean you can send it back if you don't like it. Is it 7 or 14 days? Steve
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    Unable to play a game online.

    That will be Adobe Flash player that it wants to install and cant as it isnt compatible. If you didnt know, iPads, Iphones ect dont play any flash content through safari. Some browsers say that they do play flash though. Steve
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    Microfiber cleaning cloth?

    I just bought a 16gb wifi only from a UK supplier and it came with the cloth. I would say it's micro fibre though, more like a spectacle cleaning cloth. S.
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    Tether too iPad 3G from other devices.

    If you had a 3G iPad, can it be used as a wifi hotspur so you can share the data plan from the iPad with other devices. Steve
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    How many iPads do you have?

    One here, wifi only 16gb. I've always hated Apple and the complacency (and the likes of the FaceTime ads that make it out that apple are the only one and first to do video calling, I was doing video calling over 3G in 2002 ffs). Anyway, since my wife had an iPhone 3GS and now a 4, I so liked...
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    FAQs on "Do I need Wi-Fi or 3G model?"

    Or if you can get a 'mi fi' unit (portable wifi access point) like what 'three' or 'vodafone' offer in the uk, just get the wifi only model and use the mifi to connect.... Simples. Steve.