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    Provisioning for Remote Beta Testers

    Look up the Ad Hoc distribution. I believe you will also need their device ID from them.
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    iPad Addict Gets in Trouble for Refusing to Turn Off Device On Plane

    Actually there was an episode of Myth Busters that actually did show that people using electronic devices during takeoff and landing do have an effect on the airplane's electronic systems. MythBusters Episode 49: Cell Phones on a Plane I don't know about you but it is worth it to me not to...
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    creating private app (not available in appstore)

    You can register up to 100 devices per year for "development" purposes.
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    Need App for rental maintanance

    Maybe make a Bento database?
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    Ipad's database

    iOS has SQLite and Core Data (built on top of SQLite) available to write apps with. If you are looking for an end-user database then perhaps Bento (not free) would suit your needs.
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    iPad Development introductory help

    I like iPhone Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. It won't teach you Objective-C but it will teach you iOS fundamentals.
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    Books and Magazines

    iTunes runs on your computer too. I use Zinio for magazines and Kindle for iPad for most books. Some magazines have dedicated apps and some use web based readers. All depends upon what magazine you are talking about. Same goes for changing subscriptions from paper to electronic. Magazines...
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    Why Apple should end it's fight against jailbreakers

    It really depends upon what you are jailbreaking the phone for. If you are jailbreaking the phone to install apps that Apple deems "unworthy" but you want to run anyway (accepting the consequences) then you should be able to. If you are jailbreaking for theft of services (i.e. being able to...
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    Apple Now Allows Magazine Subscriptions on the iPad

    I have Zinio subs to a few magazines. A few others that want $5/issue (especially when I am already a print subscriber) can keep their e-editions to themselves.
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    iPad waterproof case...

    Actually I am waiting for the DryCASE for this exact reason (well, videos and music) :) They expect it to be out in a couple/few weeks.