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    An App for taking lecture notes??

    You may want to try GoodNotes, which lets you take handwritten notes, insert images, annotate on PDF files, add shapes, etc. There is a free version for you to try before buying.
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    Notetaking/Annotating app with specific features

    Hi mrjoshyman, I am the developer of GoodNotes, I am working on auto-upload notes to cloud storage at the moment, which will be available in the next update. You can download the free version first to see if you like it and wait until the next update comes out.
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    Notes Plus vs. Note Taker HD

    What make eNote Taker different from similar apps is simplicity and ease of use. For example, I think having 2 eraser tools is strange in UPAD and I am confused with the toolbar. (I am biased though) Great effort has been made to create a smooth and seamless experience. You can use tap-hold...
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    Notes Plus vs. Note Taker HD

    OK, a moderator just told me I am allowed to talk about the app here. The upcoming app is called eNote Taker, which (I think) is simplier and more intuitive and features PDF annotation. You can watch the video demo if you search "eNote Taker Demo" on youtube. :o
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    Notes Plus vs. Note Taker HD

    Sorry, all my posts in this thread was deleted by admin... (Maybe I shouldn't suggest another app here?) I am going to upload it for review today or tomorrow, just need to make sure everything is right. It will be less than 5 bucks.
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    Alternate Ipad Browser NOT based on Safari

    I think most of the alternate browsers are based on Safari. If Safari can't handle the website, then it is probably not possible on the iPad. BTW, I like iCab Mobile more than the Atomic Browser.