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    International Users -- Prepare for the worst

    OK, I'm just cooking up a healthy serving of "crow" to eat. I shouldn't have given up on the iPad so fast... I still think that S. Jobs esq. could have built a product that was a bit better "out-of-the-box" and a little more in tune with needs beyond watching videos.... But now that I have a...
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    International Users -- Prepare for the worst

    Thanks for all the posts, people. I saw the small line at the top of the registration sequence telling me to change my country. I did and was able to register with my card here in Japan. I think my initial shock/disappointment was that when I first went to the Japanese app store I was slapped...
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    International Users -- Prepare for the worst

    I just bought my new shiny iPad from the Mac Store in Ginza, Tokyo. Stopped by for a beer expecting to use it straight from the box. No chance! Luckily, I had my PC (although I'm a Mac guy through and through) so I could at least plug it into iTunes...but... To download apps I need an account...