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  1. J

    Move Apps From 1 iPad To Another

    Thanks Freebird, one of my favorite songs, by the way!!
  2. J

    Move Apps From 1 iPad To Another

    Thanks. I backup my iPad 1 regularly but I assume that backup is associated with the Serial Number of my iPad 1 so the question is will iTunes load those Apps to a new iPad 3
  3. J

    Move Apps From 1 iPad To Another

    Hi Guys - I have an iPad 1. Thinking of replacing with an iPad 3. Does that mean I have to re-purchase all of the Apps or is there some way I can load the iPad 3 from iTunes?
  4. J

    My i pad 1 nowadaysb get hanged 2years old what is the suggestion

    Well, I have done it all - re-boot the iPad, clear out all prior Apps and clear out Safari history. The crashing still occurs. We need to create "WWW.CRASHPAD.COM" where we can vent our concerns.
  5. J

    Ipad 1 shutting down

    I have done all the suggestions in that thread - the problem still exists. Is it possible to go retro re: Operating System? I will spend some time in iTunes to see id that is possible.
  6. J

    Ipad 1 shutting down

    I have the same problem.
  7. J

    Printing with iPad 2 through network?

    Hi - i am a newbie also. I got a product called FINGERPRINT from WWW.COLLOBOS.COM. works like a charm. enjoy your iPad. I love mine.