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    New iPad vs. iPad 2: Which One Should You Get?

    If you don't have anything, generally better to get the newer product, becomes obsolete in a longer time. I had an iPad 1 and got the iPad 3 and am very happy. All the cheap iPhone games with retina graphics look great. If I had an iPad 2 I'd keep what I had. I generally skip at least 1 or 2...
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    Best size / resolution for the new iPad?

    Given that the new iPad screen resolution is 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi), would the best size picture to get be 2048 x 2048? I ask because the ideal resolution for the initial iPad and 2 are 1024 x 1024, and their screen size is 1024 x 768, and so it seems logical...
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    Should i use screen protector for ipad?

    I use a CCM which is an inexpensive brand. I don't note pixelating, but I also do not use small fonts, I can't see as well as I used to. If I was going to get one, I would get Power Support. Zagg have not impressed me, my son had one and it peeled off within a couple months. They never honored...
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    Should i use screen protector for ipad?

    Liquid is a hazard only if it gets inside to the electronics... A screen protector won't do anything to protect against that. It is funny that screen protection has migrated from the days of the Palms, and tablets, that used to use plastic screens, which would (and did) scratch easily, to...
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    What to do before selling my iPad 1

    You want to do a "Restore" and then select the option " New iPad" this will erase everything. If the person wants apps, tell them no that is a violation of the license agreement I.e. Stealing. You don't need the hassles. People that are serious won't worry about the apps you have. Should be a...
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    Best ipad browser

    iCab - universal, powerful, does tabs, downloads, etc. Atomic also good, but ICab is a superior browser. I wish it was not so expensive for the Mac.
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    The old iPod chargers will not charge your iPad, or your iPhone for that matter. The new iPhone chargers will charge your iPad, but very, very, slowly.
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    Backing Up Purchases on Different PC Without Syncing Devices

    I backup my apps, as I have quite a few that are no longer being sold, and they disappear off the iTunes Store. Just get an external drive and make a copy of the apps onto the external drive. That way you can restore apps to whatever computer you want. A few issues with the rules - Rule #1...
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    Found a deal on the Apple case $20 shipped, a steal?

    Looks like a good deal, and looks like the real item. If you can find out the site is reputable, I would say get one. I am pretty tempted myself, although I already own a case... Also, they use PayPal, and places that are scams don't generally use them as you have to have proven a real bank...
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    Best Note Taking App for Lectures/School - Any Advice?

    Thanks Justin - Notability is a very fine note taking app. It is on my short list of recommended ones. Glad to read about the update.
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    How Do I Get 'GoodReader' back?

    One of the great things now for the iTunes store and the iPad, is that if you have bought an app, but it is not installed on your iPad, the "price" window will show "Install" rather than the price, so you don't even have to remember... This is a great new feature, and I am hoping it will migrate...
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    Internet access?

    I am not aware of any wired hookups for the iPad, but it does Wireless great, and has the N standard, so can be very quick. That is actually one of the huge sellling points of the iPad.
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    iPad battery draining COMPLETELY overnight

    More likely you have push notifications, checking for e-mail, checking for bluetooth, and perhaps other things on. Those things will all turn on (depending on your settings) every few minutes looking for the notifications, devices, mail, etc... Even with the auto off enabled. Without turning it...
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    iPad battery draining COMPLETELY overnight

    I had to return and iPad for charging as slow as molasses - it would charge about 20% with an overnight charge.... Anyways - back up, then do a restore as a new iPad, it will clear everything, and make it like new... Take it back to the store, get your new one, and after initializing do a...
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    Setting iPad to Restrict In-App Purchases

    Serves me for not checking. :o. The settings are for allowed content. So on means it is allowed, and off means disallowed. Thanks for the correction. And sorry for the dis - F15.
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    IPad and iPod sharing one iTunes?

    Actually this is incorrect - you can sync an UNLIMITED number of devices to an account. The 5 refers to computers that can share the same authorized account. (I don't know if Apple TV counts as a device or a computer) - but I have about 10 devices on 1 account - I have also confirmed this with...
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    Setting iPad to Restrict In-App Purchases

    Sorry F15 Radar - you are incorrect. To place a restriction - you turn it ON. To remove a restriction you turn it OFF. By default, all restrictions start as off - which makes sense, why would Apple start you on a device that started you with restrictions? All restrictions you have to manage...
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    Two UI issues I don't understand (mute, bright)

    Try using the autobrightness in different lighting conditions - you should notice that if you are in a very dim area, it will not be as bright, and if you go outside, it will brighten considerably to allow you to see.
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    iPad will not sync.

    I don't have a good answer for you except software wierdness... Using a PC for many years, I just figure that things that don't make sense are going to happen in a good way and in bad ways...
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    IPad Dynamic Background Theme?

    This comes up fairly frequently, but to my knowledge, no not yet.
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    My ipad is cold...

    It's not just the temperature - it's the humidity, and the relative differences of temperature. High humidity requires very little temp differences. Converse is also true.
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    How to get music from iPad to stereo system

    It really depends on where you get your MP3s from. Because of prior problems (MP3's typcially only available at 128 Kpbs) I figured it was better just to buy the CD's even if I did not want all the songs. I don't know if there is a way to confirm, but probably not worth it at more than 256kpbs...
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    How to get music from iPad to stereo system

    As iVan below notes - it is not on the iDevice -it is from the original rip - and so would be on the iTunes computer program - Highlight your music, then on the top menu Edit -> preferences. On the general tab about 2/3 way down there is an import settings button - that opens to being able to...
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    How to get music from iPad to stereo system

    Diane, figure that for many years, the most expensive systems in the world have been analog. It is only recently that digital has become a standard. That being said, there are many people that still prefer analog systems. So, use the better system. I'm not sure what difference you are...
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    How to get music from iPad to stereo system

    I don't have a gizmo, but have a few things you should consider - All the signals that come through the headphone jack are "processed" through the iPad software, and whatever sound settings that you have - so ideally you want to have the signal go through the 30 pin connector. If you have...
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    Stylus: Targus versus Stylus-R-Us Roger iWand

    I'm another person sold on the Stylus R Us. I have a Boxwave and it's ok, just not great. But, for a poor student, maybe worth your while. Like buying a Bic pen, it works - no frills. Is it worth buying a Mont Blanc, or a Waterman- for me, yes. I like quality. Eventually lack of quality is more...
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    Ipad keypad not working on some forums/websites

    It is not the iPad - it is Safari. The version of Safari that the iPad uses will not work on all web sites as it would on a Mac. This is one of the big reasons that people will try and use other browsers - although they all have their issues. If you can't access this forum, make sure that...
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    Transfering Apps?

    To be a bit more wordy - you can have as many idevices as you want attached to an account. I think that I have like 9... They can all have their own profiles on your computer, but they are all under the same Apple ID. Apple has NO limit on the number of iDevices that can carry content from a...
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    Deleting mail

    Virtual - as in Yahoo Mail, or Hot mail, or G Mail. Maybe most folks refer to this as Webmail, I don't know - but it would be through the internet, so the mail is not stored on your machine, but their servers.
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    Very Nice iPad Wallpapers

    SPAM!!!!!!!!!! Unlimited downloads for only $50!!!! Sound like a deal to me, particularly when most of this stuff is otherwise readily available for free.
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    Julie - you need to look carefully at the screen shots that are posted. It really can't be any clearer.
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    Probably not the right question, as there is no "typical". The question should be what is the correct size for iPad wallpaper - this answer is correct, borrowed from (which incidentally has some excellent wallpapers, and also a thread in this section). "the perfect iPad wallpaper...
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    iTunes Synch Issue with iPad Apps

    Agreed - you are correct - but it will work for new purchases. Won't necessarily work for updates. However, when I update my apps in iTunes, and then synch my iPad, iPhone, iTouch - the computer ALWAYS transfers the updated version, so I don't know why yours is not doing this, as I have never...
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    Running Battery to Zero

    Far be it for me to argue with C -4, so I won't. I'm not sure what the reason why would be, as theoretically the lithium batteries don't have memory, so there is no reason for them to remember what 100% is... However, I think that the system has problems remembering what 100% is, and letting...
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    Stylus: Targus versus Stylus-R-Us Roger iWand

    No, and until they change the way the iPad works (capacitance) there never will be. The Nintendo, Palm, Blackberry, etc. screen are all resistance type, and so they respond to pressure at a particular point. The Ipad uses a small amount of electric current (like what your fingers generate) to...
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    Deleting mail

    No good way. You need to set up your e-mail for your iDevice for very specific, low volume traffic... If you don't delete it, you will quickly run out of space, and your iPad will run really slowly in the mail app... - Options are to use a virtual e-mail, and set the spam filter to high. Have...
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    iTunes Synch Issue with iPad Apps

    In iTunes, on the top right in the file drop down - there is an option for "transfer purchases from iPod". That should do the trick for you. On all my devices, I have always had iTunes ask me if I wanted to transfer purchases from my iPhones, Itouches, and iPad. Never had anything deleted...
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    App I didn't purchase

    iTunes program on your desktop. NOT on your iDevice. You have very limited abilities for account information in the iTunes app for the iDevice... You don't need to have your device connected. If you don't see account quick link - hit the HOME icon up top. Then look at the middle top right -...
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    App I didn't purchase

    Open iTunes - on the right are quick links - click on Account. Sign in, and on the account page - click on Purchase History. You should then see a page with all your account activity. You can easily see if you purchased the app, or if it was free and you just updated it. If you made a...
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    Power Support Anti-Glare Rant (PLEASE HELP!)

    One other thing to consider - get a really cheap screen protector (a buck or 2) and use that solely for the purpose of getting all the microscopic lint off the screen just prior to putting the Power Support screen on. That is the method that they use for the iPhone and it works great. Also, a...