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    Transferring photos imported to ipad to my computer after using Camera Connection Kit

    As a typical nooby this question may be easy for some to answer. I went out and purchased the Camera Connection Kit which I was able to transfer my photos from the camera using the SD card. The connection was simple plug the Camera Connection SD adapter in to the IPAD and insert the SD card...
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    Keynote APP Issue

    I am a recent purchaser of an IPAD 2 and of course I still have not mastered everything but today I am having an issue with my Keynotes App. I have downloaded a PPT presentation through iTunes into keynotes. I see that it is on my computer but when I open keynotes on my iPad it is not there. I...
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hi everyone IPAD 2 to be released in Canada tomorrow. I hope to take ownership as soon as I can.