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    iOS 7

    Thanks but my country (Australia) is enabled so that is not the cause of my problem.
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    iOS 7

    Down loaded iOS 7 to my iPad2. Time should automatically be set but is currently displaying 4.41am when actual time is 9.41 pm. The problem seems to be that when I go to Settings and select General/date and time, time zone will not activate. Tried turning the iPad off and on but problem persists.
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    Apple ID for adownloading Apps

    When I want to download an app my iPad2 defaults to my sister's Apple ID instead of mine. How do I change it back so that I can enter my password and download an app?
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    When using Safari and wanting to revert to the previous page by using the back key, Safari occasionally opens an unrelated page that I maybe accessed earlier when browsing, sometimes even on the previous day or earlier. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a remedy?
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    Love my iPad2

    Mature age (64) and devoted owner of an iPad2 for a few months now. My wife and I recently spent 2 months touring UK and Ireland and my iPad was a great aid.