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  1. J

    Is the iPad mini too wide?

    I like the wider aspect ratio that Apple uses. Same thing goes for the iPad vs the Galaxy Tabs.
  2. J

    Did the iPad 4 announcement surprise you?

    No surprise here. It's been rumored for a few months. I read a lot of tech stuff though.
  3. J

    What is your favourite iPad app?

    Dead Trigger. Something about blasting zombies just appeals to me I guess :)
  4. J

    Dead Trigger is FREE now

    Mine no longer works. It was working fine until I started making progress in the game and also buying a few things. It started crashing after every campaign and now it crashes upon opening every time. I've tried deleting and reinstalling, but it is totally useless. Luckily I was able to save my...
  5. J

    Apple Launches New iPad Smart Case to Cover Front and Back

    Is the smart case lighter then a smart cover and back skin combo?
  6. J

    Apple Launches New iPad Smart Case to Cover Front and Back

    The Apple one, or Xtreme Mac?
  7. J

    Apple Launches New iPad Smart Case to Cover Front and Back

    Anybody using the Xtreme Mac micro folio case? Saw them at Office Depot. Very light weight combo case & cover.
  8. J

    Temporary screen protector?

    Ones anybody make a temporary screen protector for the iPad 2? I hate screen protectors, but would like one on when the grand boys use the iPad. I would take it off as soon as they leave. Maybe a static cling type, or... Thoughts?
  9. J

    Lightest smart cover and back protector?

    Something lighter then the typical TPU covers on eBay.
  10. J

    Apple Launches New iPad Smart Case to Cover Front and Back

    Are the edges to sharp to be comfortable? How much weight does it add?
  11. J

    Apple Smart Case?

    Who has one and what do you think? It feels sharp around the edges to me. Is it very light weight?
  12. J

    Lightest smart cover and back protector?

    Yes, they are nice. However, I was wanting something less permanent and that offered passive corner protection too. Nice stuff though.
  13. J

    Lightest smart cover and back protector?

    What is the lightest combination of smart cover and back protection for the iPad 2? My wife has the apple smart cover and a Zagg skin on the back, but I want something on the back that will give me a little drop protection too. The plastic skins are too heavy though. What else is there?
  14. J

    Ipad 2 crashes a lot

    Wow, looks like I'm not only one. Thanks for jumping in with your issues too... I guess. So anyway, yes I have the latest OS. My apps don't freeze, they just shut down almost instantly. I did the soft reset last night so I will see if that takes care of things. Will let you know. Next!
  15. J

    Ipad 2 crashes a lot

    Lately I have to reboot my iPad 2 about 2-3 days or it crashes. Whats going on?
  16. J

    Speed test?

    Is there a way to tell which of my two ipad2 is faster? I'm not talking about Internet speed, but speed in general. I bought both of them used and trying to decide between the two of them.
  17. J

    Buy iPad 3 or iPad 2?

    Buy a used iPad off Craigslist and then get the new, new iPad next year. My guess is that it will be thinner and lighter by then.
  18. J

    Removable and reusable matte finish screen protector?

    Looking for a removable and reusable matte finish screen protector to work as a anti-glare screen while outdoors. I hate screen protectors, so I'm looking for one that is more of a passive device that doesn't use adhesive to attach so I can take it on and off. Only will use it when outdoors.
  19. J

    Otterbox Defender, or Griffin Survivor?

    Looking for a protective case for my iPad 2 while camping. Which is better?
  20. J

    Get an ipad 2 or ipad 3?

    It is not a quad core CPU, but the the graphics portion is better on the new chip.
  21. J

    Movies on ipad 2, HD, or standard?

    HD movies look great on my iPad 2, but they are huge files. How do the standard definition movies look?
  22. J

    Remove, not delete apps

    I need to make some room on my iPad. How do you remove apps without deleting them? This is a temporary measure to make room for a few movies, then I will put the apps back on the iPad. Is this a big hassle?
  23. J

    Is the new screen that big of a deal?

    Ditto. It was not very apparent to me either. I vote for staying with the thinner, lighter iPad 2 for me, though I may upgrade from a 16 to a 32.
  24. J

    Standing in line.... uhh... why?

    I also wanted to see it and stopped after work at Best Buy. I asked to see a demo model and got three different answers from three different people. Finally one Geek Squad guy showed me which one was the iPad 3, er, I mean NEW iPad. They also had plenty of stock. Now I'm trying to decide if I...
  25. J

    Copy and paste issue in memo app

    My bad, it's notes.
  26. J

    Copy and paste issue in memo app

    Why can't you copy and paste from all websites into memo? It is just text on the site, but it won't paste into memo. I can paste it into gmail, but not memo. What gives?
  27. J

    16 or 32GB

    If you are going on a trip and you want to watch movies, you might run out of space. I put a movie on mine and only have 4.4 gb left. Many movies are about that size. If I bought again I would go with a 32gb model.
  28. J

    No iPad 4 section?

    Not saying I want it today, but it will come and I will be waiting till then.
  29. J

    Should this forum be called...

    Part of Apples user friendliness ;) The iPhone and iPad are very unique products with some key differences between generations, thus IMO it is clearer if they kept the number sequence going forward. Perhaps as these devices continue to flood the market it will make sense down the road. However...
  30. J

    Overall iPad 3 disappointing

    The new screen will be awesome, but thicker and heavier make at a pass for me.
  31. J

    Should this forum be called...

    Shouldn't this forum be called the new iPad forum ;) How dumb is that anyway. I suppose next years iPad will be called the new new iPad?
  32. J

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 now I"m having 2nd thoughts thread!

    I'm waiting till they get thinner and lighter. Loving my iPad 2 until then.
  33. J

    Weight and thickness

    How about the specs for iPad 1? Is the NEW iPad about the same, or lighter and thinner?
  34. J

    Weight and thickness

    What is the increase in weight and thickness on the NEW iPad vs the iPad 2?
  35. J

    No iPad 4 section?

    Thinner and lighter would be on my list.
  36. J

    New waterproof option for ipad

    But are they? Can you actually buy one yet??
  37. J

    Have you sold your iPad ?

    IF I pop for a new iPad 3 I will sell may iPad 2 to one of my two adult daughters for a great price. This of course, will cause a rift in the family dynamics and the one will hate the other. Now if my wife does the same thing, we're covered.
  38. J

    New waterproof option for ipad

    Yeah, what the heck is taking so long? I gave up on those guys awhile ago. Anybody can advertise something, but can they bring it to market?
  39. J

    DVD conversion from windows to iPad 2

    I'm in the same boat. Don't mind paying for a program if it is reasonable, but free is better, assuming it works.
  40. J

    New waterproof option for ipad

    Read about a new waterproofing option for iPads and iPhones from a company called Seal Shield. Google it and see what you think. I know there are others put there, but this one looks like it fits better and does a better job.