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    Dropbox edits

    I can access files on my iPad that I placed in Dropbox on my Mac, but how can I edit those files with my iPad and sync the edits via Dropbox?
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    wifi ipad with mobile hotspot vs 3g

    I use Verizon hotspot when I travel. You sign up for a month but if your trip lasts less than a month, call to discontinue it when your trip is over. They will prorate your charge to cover from the day you signed up to the day you discontinued.
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    Printing from ipad

    Why is it that some wireless printers don't work with iPad?
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    Web Sites That Don't Work With Safari

    I love my iPad, but I too have found that in rare instances I cannot complete all the boxes in a form on a website and must go to my Mac to do the task. It's rare, but I'm curious why.
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    Reader for email

    Is there such a thing?
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    Need help with contact doubles

    How do I clear all contacts? If I do that and then resync with my Mac address book and later on add more contacts to my Mac how do I get those new contacts into my iPad contacts without doubling every thing up again? Also how does iCloud interface with this whole process?
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    Need help with contact doubles

    Why are many of my contact listings repeated so that I have doubles? What is an easy way to fix this?
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    Text-wrap in browser?

    My experience is that the reader button appears on some websites but not all. I wonder why.
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    I agree with s2mikey's comments.
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    Sore elbows from ipad

    Does anyone else get sore elbows from using their iPad for extended periods?
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    Songs on ipad

    What format is the lossless setting in iTunes?
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    Songs on ipad

    If I rip a song off CD via lossless, what format is it in? Will it stay in that format when transferred to iPad?
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    Talkatone on ipad

    After I tap on the favorite button of a contact in the Talkatone app the contact does not show up in the favorites list. The spinning wheel shows up in the list and doesn't stop. How do I fix this?
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    How do i use my Android phone as a hotspot?

    Sometimes when I have had problems with my iPad and android hotspot, a change and reset of the hotspot security code will fix it.
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    How do i use my Android phone as a hotspot?

    When you tap on the Safari icon, what error message comes up?
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    If you type the word "text" in the app store search box, both will come up.
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    Ipad 2 - selecting single word

    I have the same issue. But only in browsers. Maybe there is an incompatibility between this feature and HTML. Sometimes a tap will give me one word, sometimes a sentence, sometimes a paragraph.
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    Ipad 2 - selecting single word

    Does this occur with all apps or just certain ones?
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    Offline ipad map

    What is a good app that has an atlas or US map that requires no Internet connection?
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    Ios 5 keybord

    Hold your finger down on the key that is in the far bottom right corner of the keyboard. Then choose undock or split.
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    Good ipad 2 case brands

    I have a Targus and love it. Got it at Best Buy.
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    Yes, it's possible. Try Textfree or Textnow apps.
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    Safari tabs

    Is there a way to delete all tabs at once?
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    I've been using Textfree to text from my iPad but when I open the Textfree app on my Android phone, it logs me out of my iPad Textfree app and visa versa. Is there a way to text someone from my iPad and to get their reply on my Android phone when I'm away from home?
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    Need ipad to mac syncing help

    Thanks for the tips, I'll check'm out.
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    Need ipad to mac syncing help

    When I connect my ipad2 to my Mac, iPhoto opens instead of iTunes. How do I fix this?
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    Which publications are truly free?
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    Circling home button

    Has anyone else noticed that in some apps, if you lightly circle your finger around the edges of the home button, it will operate certain features of the app?
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    Wifi sync

    Can I use wifi sync from my Mac to my iPad if I have snow leopard or do I need lion for that?
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    Kindle app location numbers

    Obviously the location numbers don't correspond to page numbers of the book. Are they a count of the words read?
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    Snyching Kindle app

    I have kindle apps on my iPad and on my android phone. I read the same book on both depending on which I have with me at the time. However each device does not know where I left off reading on the other device. The iPad does ask me if I want to sync to the farthest read page but when I...
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    Reading list

    Where do I access things I've saved to the Reading List?
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    bluetooth keyboard

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    bluetooth keyboard

    Sometimes I use my bluetooth keyboard with my iPad. Is there any reason I shouldn't keep bluetooth constantly enabled or the keyboard constantly powered on?
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    How do I delete a feed in my Twitter app?

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    Is iOS5 working without problems for you?

    I've seen a lot of posts on Apple forums about problems with iOS5. I'm wondering if this is a small minority or common place. Have you experienced the upgrade with no problems?
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    iCloud requires Lion?

    What's the cost to upgrade to Lion?
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    iCloud requires Lion?

    Apparently this is the case. So even if I get iOS 5, iCloud won't be of much value to me if I remain with Snow Leopard on my Mac. Am I understanding this correctly?
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    Public wifi problems

    Often when I am in a hotel or airport, my iPad will connect to the public wifi but will be unable to connect to the Internet. Is this a typical problem with public wifi networks or could their be something wrong with my iPad? I never have this problem on my home wifi.
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    Skype app

    The official Skype app for iPad is now available. I used it today to make a free 800 number call from my iPad. It worked great. The call quality was excellent.