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    How to Delete a friend after aug 23 Facebook update?

    Can't seem to find out how to delete a friend now? Searched, but most answers on google are for older versions. Last week I deleted a friend. Updated Facebook app yesterday and now I can't delete another?
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    Time Warner is in fight with MSG?

    Is there anyway to view MSG Madison square garden on an iPad. The $49 satellite direct program does not down load to iPad (only a Mac or PC). Anyone know of another app that would allow me to watch games on MSG? Thx
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    No more green dot in facebook . . .

    Either in the web app or the ipad app. How do we know whose online anymore? Anyone else notice this? Is there a new privacy setting that controls this? Thx
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    Lost my Tweet Tweet!

    My lock switch was set to rotate (not mute). I think what I must have done was when I'm downstairs I use the Apple BT keyboard. So I must have hit the mute key on the top row and when I went upstairs it was still in mute!
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    Lost my Tweet Tweet!

    I tried playing a video and the sound was there. I plugged the power cord out and in again and the tweets are back! Still don't know what I pressed to mute it? But thanks for that quick reply.
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    Lost my Tweet Tweet!

    Whenever I plug my charger into the iPad or open or close the cover I used to hear a tweet tweet sound. I noticed today it's now gone! I rebooted and also looked around the device to see what I must have turned off. But I can't find what the issue is. Anyone ever experience this? (iOS 5 and...
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    Why do I have to still manually update some apps?

    You're probably right. Now that I went back and System>General>Store . . . what I had switched to "on" says downloaded apps. I took that to mean automatic updates. On my Droid in the market place (their app store) there is a setting to automatically update apps so I don't have to see their...
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    Why do I have to still manually update some apps?

    Even though under the App store I have auto update on? This AM I had "the Drudge Report" awaiting and update. Yesterday another App needed a manual update to.
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    Netflix: "Fire place for your home" a cozy movie . . .

    Don't have a fireplace . . . No problem. If you have a Netflix account do a search for the movie "fireplace for your home". Stand up your iPad in a verticle position, turn up your sound and start the first of the two movies. Sit in front of it with a hot Apple Toddy on a snowy day :o
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    Yes, I have the same issue with my Yahoo account and Gmail. I personally don't like using any of the email or forum Apps available for download in the market place. When using those type of apps you give up control. Like the above posters have already said just go directly to the apps website...
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    Bar code app

    I've used several and most are a pain to try and hold still while you snap the picture and then blur it as you push the button. Try this popular app: "Shop Savvy" free in the app store for iphone and I also have it on my Droid. This one has a red line that you line up and when it comes into...
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    Trash can or Box icon?

    Thanks for that quick reply Marilyn, I knew there had to be a reason! I even threw in a "like" for ya!
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    Trash can or Box icon?

    How come sometimes it's a trash can and other times it's an icon of a box? Why can't they just use a trash can without causing confusion using a different icon when deleting something?
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    iPad 2 Notifications not Working!! Please Help :(

    Just Google your question. I find that faster than waiting for an answer here or they give you the canned "use our search" response. Google "ipad no notifications" and it will probably turn up links where the question has been asked before. Usually it will link you to the Apple support community.
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    Completely new to iPad 2, or Apple computers in general, but my camera doesn't work.

    it's in the user guide. Down load this file to your ipad for future reference:
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    Completely new to iPad 2, or Apple computers in general, but my camera doesn't work.

    First thing I'd try is to reboot the iPad. This can correct a lot of stuff. Hold down the menu button (has a circle) and at the same time hold down the on off button on the side of the iPad. Release them and a red slide switch will appear on the screen. Slide that switch and the iPad will...
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    Email more than 1 recipient

    I think I stand corrected on this one . . . When I click on CC/Bcc field it opens to a Bcc: field (blind email list that does not forward everyone's else's email address) I don't know how long it's been there. Maybe it came with the 5.1 update? Maybe it's been there all along and I never...
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    POPUP Problems

    Disable or delete tapatalk if they don't have a option to disable those popups in their setup. I don't use it myself but one would think a paid app would give you those options in their program. Free versions may not.
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    Email more than 1 recipient

    Yes, the field in Outlook is Bcc: When you put several email contacts in that field (rather than the To:) what this does is not allow others who receive your email to view everyone else you sent the email to. This Bcc: helps with privacy and also thwarts the spammers from getting a live list of...
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    Email more than 1 recipient

    Thx for that heads up on "mailshot" Tim, Great free program. Allows me to quickly forward to my joke list. Also says its the only app that allows multiple email contacts using Siri on the iPhone 4s. I wondered why the multiple contact email feature was missing in iOS5? Maybe they will build...
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    Best keyboard for Ipad2

    Yes, I too agree with most of the above posts regarding the Apple BT Keyboard. I own two and my Brother just bought one too, he types a lot and so far he's satisfied. Do a search here and on Google for Blue Tooth keyboards. Here is a review I found helpful when I first was looking for a BT...
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    Wedge-E iPad/Kindle Stand Review

    Thanks JSH . . . I just ordered one from your recommendation. I was going to order two (one for my wife's iPad2) but she uses it in bed along with the keyboard so I figured I'd wait for mine to arrive to see if she likes it. She places hers on a bean bag type tray. Free shipping so I'm in no...
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    does/did the IPad I have easter eggs? how about the IPAD 2

    Ummm, Tim could you be a little more specific on what exactly an "easter egg" is as it pertains to programming? Hahahaha As the other poster has said . . . you are a true jewel to this forum . . . thanks
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    Blue Tooth Jambox speaker arrived yesterday . . .

    Quick review for anyone contemplating this BT speaker accessory since it carries such a high list price . . . (well maybe not that quick) List's for $199 at Bestbuy, $180 at Amazon, but I bought mine on Ebay as a "buy it now" so no bidding. I actually bought two of them, bought another one the...
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    Camera Roll photos don't delete iOS5

    I would try and sync with itunes and then delete them in itunes. I personally had this issue when certain saved albums from itunes showed no delete key in an individual pic on the ipad. Strage though where you say there was a delete bucket icon and after you delete a pic it comes back. If you...
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    Tell me what to do in airplane mode

    Your link is not working Rich!
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    iOS 5 won't send a verifying email when I add another email address

    I think I have it figured out. I found that in order to send a message to another iPad one needs to use their Apple ID. The lower section where you add an email address is for sending a "read" receipt. That's the one which had my email address already in there from when I first set it up...
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    Private browser lite app

    FYI: found a better browser that can be enabled in settings to run "in private". Great free browser with many bells and whistles. Available in the Appstore "Atomic Lite"
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    iOS 5 won't send a verifying email when I add another email address

    I thought I had it set up under Gmail OK but when I tried to add another email address it won't send out the email for verification. I think I also had this issue when I set up the Gmail address. I do have my Apple ID correct at the top of the page. Any solutions? I find no mention in...
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    Yahoo mail erasing wrong email address?

    Thx Tim :)
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    Yahoo mail erasing wrong email address?

    Anyone know how to get rid of an incorrect auto memory contact address when you start typing a letter or two in the To: field . . . several of my contacts have changed their email address's and now I can't get rid of the wrong one. Thx
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    Photo clarity lost after IOS 5

    Good comment TP. I too realized that after my comment here. If one holds the iPad with two hands and a finger happens to touch the screen say in the corner the auto focus might take over and focus on an object that is out of the center of the pic. To the original poster: if you saved any of...
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    Ipad2 camera after IOS 5

    I just responded to another poster with a similar clarity issue. I have not seen it myself after the update. Check to see if there is a finger print on the lens first. Then power it off (reboot the device). Other than that I would check in with an Apple store as they might have been seeing...
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    Photo clarity lost after IOS 5

    I personally have not experienced this issue after the upgrade. Check to see if somehow you got a fingerprint on the lens. Next try powering down the iPad completely and turning it back on? (reboots the unit). If nothing helps, you might want to bring it into an Apple store if you have one...
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    Private browser lite app

    Just found one in the App store that appears do work correctly with no "in your face" ads. "My Private Browser" by Coopley. Check it out, so far no trails!
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    Targus iPad bag

    Ya, I did not know that it had an off switch either until one of the moderators responded to another one of my posts "sweet poison" who mentioned holding that button in for a few secs after the green light goes off actually shuts down the keyboard! Funny aside regarding switches: I read today...
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    Private browser lite app

    Seems that since the Oct 20th update and using iOS 5 it saves your history now! I enter the first letter in the blank address bar and up pops all the places I've been. This must be a bug because I don't remember it saving anything before the last update. If you have not updated it yet, I'd...
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    Targus iPad bag

    If you are traveling you can just reverse the batteries in the tube. I have not experienced the battery drain as holding the button in for a few seconds does actually shut off the keyboard. My cover shuts the iPad off anyway, so I have not experienced any battery drain as I'm probably nearing...