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    Battery problems - at a loss what to do

    Have you tried a different charger?
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    Color messed up problem

    That second pic looks like you have invert colors turned on.
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    Screen shots

    Why not just use assistive touch?
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    Setting Precise Volume Levels on Ipad Air 2

    Use assistive touch you can adjust the volume on the screen.
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    Are we stuck with the gray strip at the bottom of the home screen?

    Go into settings and turn off reduce transparency.
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    Imessage problem.

    iMessage only works with apple products do both of them have apple products?
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    Why won't this forum remember my password

    I've been on this forum for a long time this has never happened before. Every time I come back to this forum many times a day I have to log in every time I have the remember me box checked. This is the only forum that does this. This started happening when I changed the skin back to purple how...
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    Why won't this forum remember my password

    Every time I come back to this forum I have to re-sign in it's the only forum that does this. And yes private browsing is turned off. This has started just recently I cleared history and website data and ever since then this has happened.
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    Suddenly I don't stay logged in

    Turn off private browsing.
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    Display woes

    Turn off the zoom.
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    Split Keyboard Floats - How do I move it?

    Tap and hold on that keyboard button and the slide your finger to the dock and merge.
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    Constantly have to enter name & password

    Turn off private mode.
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    Can i go back to IOS8?

    Ok thanks I'll look into it.
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    Can i go back to IOS8?

    Is it possible to go back to IOS8 if so how?
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    iTunes, how do I do a manual check for update

    Open iTunes on your computer then click the help button at the top left of the screen.
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    Lock sound on ios9?

    Everything is set right when I lock the screen manually the sound is correct when I use the Smart Cover the click is very faint. This just started happening right after updating to ios9. I did a hard reset home and power buttons still the same.
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    Lock sound on ios9?

    Am I the only one that uses a Smart Cover?
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    Lock sound on ios9?

    Ive noticed with ios9 the lock sound with the Smart Cover sounds muffled anybody else notice this?
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    Help with itunes

    Windows 7
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    Help with itunes

    I did that and it says the version of iTunes 12.1.2 is the current version.
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    Help with itunes

    I just updated my ipad air to ios9 through itunes the update worked but when it finished a window came up saying to go to to download the latest version of itunes. I have version 12.1.2 when i click on help and check for updates it says 12.1.2 is the current version. I cant view my...
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    iPad 2 Display problem

    Are you using a 3rd party screen or a genuine Apple screen?
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    iPad Air 2 Charging Time

    I bet if you put that load of bull in the microwave it would cut the charging time in half!
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    iPad Air 2 Charging Time

    He was having a hard time keeping a straight face!
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    Ipad 2012 power/volume buttons do not function.

    Are you using genuine Apple parts or 3rd party parts?
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    Ipad Mini 2 wake/sleep not working with Apple Cover

    Do you have it turned on in settings?
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    (Resolved) Can someone explain the difference?

    What kind of usage are you getting? I get 14 to 15 hours.
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    ISO 8 won't remember my user name and password

    Turn off private browsing.
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    Should I update to iOS 8

    Tap the double square in the top right corner then you can tap the x to close out the web page.
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    Ipad just shutting down

    Hard reset will bring it back to life.
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    Issue with ipad forum

    It works fine with my windows pc.
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    Issue with ipad forum

    Yeah that works for me also. I wonder why it does it when in the active topics only?
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    Issue with ipad forum

    Yeah it does the same thing on the iPhone forum.
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    Issue with ipad forum

    Yeah mine doesn't stop spinning only on the active topics page everywhere else it stops strange.
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    Issue with ipad forum

    Did that already.
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    Issue with ipad forum

    No nothing running in the background like I said it only does this when I go into active topics on this forum. It doesn't do it on any other forum I visit.
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    Issue with ipad forum

    Ever since i updated to 8.1.3 whenever i come to this forum and go to active topics the little spinning wheel in the top left corner of the screen next to the WiFi symbol doesn't stop spinning. It only does this when i go to active topics. I've tried everything i can think of hard reset cleared...
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    My iPad air has gone to black and white and I have tried all instructions to fix but nothing happens

    Either you have invert colors turned on if that's not it then try a hard reset.
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    My battery on my iPad Air only last about 4 hrs at most with just browsing the web is that normal

    Should last a lot longer than that. I get about 15 hours of use with my air.