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    Best video player apps for ipad

    I was frustrated by the poor performance of the video apps; however, the search is over. I bought AVplayerHD monthes ago , performance is not that outstanding. It could not play my 720p video smoothly. it really distract the experience. It was very irritating. I started searching for other...
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    App for creating pdf documents?

    PDF provider or PDF converter.
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    Ghost Armor vs Zagg

    Tried Zagg and Ghost armor , also bought Body Guardz but have not received yet Zagg: Good grip, apparent orange peel mark, very durable (check out scratch test of Zagg vs body Guardz on YouTube, Guardz is slightly better) and kind of too tacky for smooth gliding, clear viewing on the front...
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    Best video player apps for ipad

    AV player HD gives really good results for 720p video However, there is an youtube video about EC player vs AV player HD playing "1080p" video. EC player plays the video flawlessly but AV player HD suffered from minor stuttering. Seriously, I don't know what to believe anymore.......