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    Internet connection problems since upgrade to 6.0,1

    Hi, if I switch the expander router off my IPad will connect to my existing(main) router. The expander is fairly new. I cannot update the firmware in my main router(it's a talktalk one). I have reset all internet settings on my iPad..just now and it made no difference to the issue....but still...
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    Internet connection problems since upgrade to 6.0,1

    Hi, for some reason I am having problems connecting to my home network since the upgrade to 6.0.1 on my ipad3. I have two routers one being an expander to help cover my home. Before the update my iPad would connect automatically to either router with no probs...since the update It will only...
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    New iPad as a wifi hotspot

    Yes, the hotspot works well .
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    New iPad as a wifi hotspot

    As I stated earlier, mine works well on the 3 network with the hotspot facility
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    Looking for sympathy - wont's get it, but looking anyway

    White iPad 2 white iPad 3 and a white 911!....fab-u-lous. Cheers
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    How pervasive are the iPad 3 WiFi problems?

    I have both iPad 2 and 3 and no wifi or 3G problems....I'm in the uk also. Cheers
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    Hotspot on Ipad2 3g

    Opps!...should have checked with 'google'. before asking the appears ipad2 is not enabled for hotspot use.....Ahh well. Cheers
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    Hotspot on Ipad2 3g

    Hi, I have both the ipad2&3 3G and have the hotspot facility on the ipad3 but not the ipad2. Anyone know why?...I'm in the uk by the way on the 3 network. Cheers Adrian
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    New iPad as a wifi hotspot

    Hi I have 3 network in the uk and I do have the hotspot facility on my iPad 3. Cheers
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    Anyone feel that ipad3 battery dropping faster than ipad2?

    My ipad3 appears to use more power than my ipad2 but I am using it more at the moment, perhaps that's the reason!. Overnight it uses maybe 2% whereas my wifes ipad2 uses nothing...both with covers closed only.
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    What kind of speeds with LTE?

    Hi, I am on the south coast of England and regularly get 13mb download and about 4mb upload (on 3) on my Ipad 3, so can't complain...actually very happy. Cheers
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    Can the New iPad work on 4G LTE on 2400 MHz ?

    Interestingly, When I use my 3 sim in my new iPad I get much higher download speeds compared to my wife's ipad2....would this be due to the new wireless chip? Cheers
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    No personal hotspot button.

    Oh, also my new iPad is not locked to any network!! Cheers
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    No personal hotspot button.

    Hi I have a uk iPad 3 with 3G. I have a 3 sim on contract on my wife's ipad2 . When I use the sim in my new ipad3 I get the hotspot facility..and it works fine. Hope this helps Cheers
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    Anyone tried Streaming live TV (TVCatchup) with Bluetooth enabled

    Hi, I have the new iPad, 32g with 3G and do not have the problem you have spoken about. I regularly watch bbc and itv catchup using my '7dayshop' Bluetooth headphones. I have a 3 year old talktalk router and 4 dec phones in the house. Cheers Adrian
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    WiFi Sync

    Hi mine synced ok the first time and then stopped. I have tried all the suggestions in the previous threads but to no avail. I have given up trying to wirelessly is too short! Adrian
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    Battery Drain / Performance in IOS5 Update

    To be honest, I appear to be getting better battery life with ios5. With just wifi on I can generally achieve 2 days (about 10hrs)......with 3G enabled this drops to about 6-7hrs running time, this is no different to before the upgrade. Hope that helps Adrian
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    ios 5 nationwide internet log in

    Hi, I have had the same issue since ios5. The way round it I found is to drag the number box up or down and it reveals the numbers for the log in. Hope that helps. Adrian
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    Playing movies from email

    Hi, since upgrading to ios 5 I have not been able to play QuickTime movies as attachments to emails I receive...I have rebooted my ipad2 but it still doesn't want to play ball!...Any ideas please. Adrian
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    iOS 5 and email

    Hi, I had the same problem and have found that I can only add folders on my gmail account and not any of my pop accounts...odd eh? and a little bit frustrating!.....Anyway thanks for the information. Adrian
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    AT&T: 250Mb Sure Goes Fast!

    Hi all, we get 15gb per month in the uk on the 3 network.....good eh?
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    UK - Best carrier for signal

    I'm with the 3 network in the uk and it works just fine in most of the south and south west of the uk. I am on a 2 yr contract which provided me with an iPad 2 16g and 3G and 15 gb data each month for £25/ month. I am very pleased with the package. I have also bought a wifi dongle which I use...
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    4.3.2 update / issues

    Hi I've completed the update to 4.3.2 with no problems except friendly Facebook and a black screen. The updated took a total of 15mins (fast b'band). Very pleased with the iPad 2 so far......this is my first apple product so still learning
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    Hi all, I'm new on here so be gentle, I have the iPad 2...two weeks so far and All is well. Have updated to 4.3.2 yesterday and went ok (15min total, so no complaints there). I have had the same issue with friendly Facebook insomuch as it returns back to a blank page from a web version...only...