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  1. J

    Why no one can match the iPad price

    Have you actually looked at any articles detailing what the Playbook will offer. I am as big an Apple fan as anyone, but open your eyes. RIM have done well, and if they continue the way they have started with app development (and rumours of android compatibility) do you really still think they...
  2. J

    Why no one can match the iPad price

    Instead of being patronising how about you explain why you disagree please?
  3. J

    Why no one can match the iPad price

    I don't think that is true IMO, and I think R.I.M is about to prove it.
  4. J

    The explosive world of iPAD and future opportunities

    Really? Thats a bold statement - do you write general documents and work on it too?
  5. J

    Should I wait for iPad 3?

    I have to agree with you there, i don't think the 3rd gen' will be so massively different. They will continue to tweak and evolve, this is more profitable.
  6. J


    Hello folks. I am 31, from Dublin in Ireland and the owner of a forum myself, I have to say though - you have done a very nice job here. Some great features and content. Jonathan