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    Black keyboard??

    i have a iPad mini and am looking for a black keyboard but can not see anyway of changing it to black. So do I have to download a App or is it possible to change it to a black one in settings? Not sure if this is true but someone told me that it can't be changed.
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    how can I stop apps running?

    Many thanks for that. is it worth doing that every so offen or not? also this iPad I have got is new and see something called airdrop but what is it? I have it on all the time but do I need it on all the time as I have got the icon on top right hand side of screen?
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    how can I stop apps running?

    I know this may sound silly to some but how do I stop apps from running in the background? I know how to do it on other tablets but never found the way on my iPad.
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    Text message Apps?

    Does anyone know if there are any free to send text messages Apps out there so I can send free texts to mobiles?
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    Webcam Apps?

    Does anyone know if there are any good free webcam Apps out there? I have seen Earthcam app but its nt very good. Any idea please.
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    TV Guide Apps for the UK?

    I am looking for some TV Guide Apps for us in the UK so does anyone know of any good ones for iPad?
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    iMailG HD problem since IOS 6 update.

    I use iMailG app for my emails and before the IOS 6 update yesterday the icon for the app would change numbers when ever i got a email(the email count). but now it does not seem to update itself so have to refresh it myself and also if i delete a email on my desktop pc the email would also...
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    Help Keyboard has gone all wrong.

    Not sure why but turned on my ipad this afternoon and my keyboard is now not right across the bottom on screen and now has half of it on the left side and the other half on the right hand side. so how do i get it to go back to the normal way please?
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    Got iPod on iTunes account but can I add iPad?

    My wife has a iPod but she is getting a iPad this week but will she have to set up a new itunes account for the iPad or can she add the iPad as well as having her ipod on her iTunes account?
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    Diary apps any good ones?

    Many thanks will download it.
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    Diary apps any good ones?

    I am looking for a Diary app that will open like a book diary on screen but am having trouble finding any. So does anyone know of any good ones? I am looking for it to be like a book diary but on screen.
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    iPad 2 and Mifi on 3 will it work?

    I have a iPad 2 and it's the wifi version and I have been looking at the 3 website for the UK and came across there Mifi service but just wanted to know will it work out and about with my iPad? Does it work like a dongle? I have never seen or heard about Mifi so am new to it but if it does...
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    App so I can do a football game list?

    With the football season starting in the UK today I'm for a App so I can add my teams fixtures and scores but having problems finding one. What I'm looking for is like a note app where I can add and write things but one for football so I can have all my teams scores over the season. So...
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    Best Twitter Apps?

    I am looking to use a new Twitter app as don't like the normal one now but what are the best ones to use? I'm looking for one that will give me the time tweets were left on my timeline as many have it in mins like 24 mins ago which I don't want. Also want one that won't lose the last place...
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    iTunes problem

    Yes got it done in the end by doing it on our desktop which seem to work. not sure why it would not do it on ipad.
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    Metro online app

    I have got the Metro online app on my iPad but is there anyway I can get the paper to download each day without me having to do it?
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    iTunes problem

    I bought my wife a iTunes gift card today and she has £15 on her account but she has just tried to buy a game and for some reason it's asking her for her card details but she already they have them details on her account. So if she is trying to buy it from her £15 then why is it asking for...
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    Making another browser the main browser?

    I have downloaded a app for another browser that I can use but how can I make it the main one? Because when I click on links in emails it opens them in the browser that was installed onto my iPad when I bought it but I don't want that to happen. I am now using the Atomic browser.
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    What way should you hold a iPad?

    Just got my 1st iPad and just wanted to know what way I should hold my iPad. Should it be with the round button on the right hand side so it's like widescreen or should it be with the round button at the bottom? Have to say websites look better the 1st way I said about.
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    iTunes advice please

    I'm new to iTunes and just wanted to know can I connect my iPad up to my friends iTunes account and if I do what will happen to my apps that I have downloaded to my iPad from my iTunes account?
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    Getting my iPad to remember usernames and passwords?

    Many thanks for that. I will try that out about the Apple password thing as it comes up a lot when i download a app. i still have not worked out how to get it to remember usernames and passwords for websites like forums and all that. Also I've just looked for the password pilot in iTunes and...
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    Paying for Apps?

    I have just downloaded a App and paid for it with my iTunes account but payment has not been taken from my card so do iTunes take the money from card a few days after downloading the app? How does it work with iTunes?
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    Keyboard would like to change it.

    Is there a keyboard app so I change it so I don't have to use the one that is already on iPad?
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    Football Apps for iPad?

    Does anyone know of any good free football apps for iPad? I have the Sky sports one but just wanted to know of any others.
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    Getting my iPad to remember usernames and passwords?

    Can anyone help with the above please?
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    Getting my iPad to remember usernames and passwords?

    Just got my 1st iPad and have been adding all my bookmarks for websites but for some reason it is not saving the usernames and passwords. So how do I get it to remember them? I am using the browser that is already on it.
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    Just got my 1st iPad

    Well after a year thinking about a iPad yesterday I got one. Why I had didn't get before now I don't know but I love it to bits. I'm still adding all my bits to it but hey it's one great iPad so though I would drop by and say hello.