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    How do non-Retina optimized apps look on a retina screen?

    Try dropbox, should work for what you are trying to do. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    USB cable not charging the new iPad even though I'm using the factory 10W charger

    Using a lower wattage charger won't harm the battery, otherwise Apple would tell you not to charge with USB. They simply say it won't charge as fast. I haven't timed my iPhone charger to see how much slower it is, but both chargers provide enough juice to charge the battery from 50% to 100%...
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    Folks couldnt see screen difference!

    I would say the difference is about what the difference is between 720p and 1080p. I can easily tell the difference, others not so much. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    USB cable not charging the new iPad even though I'm using the factory 10W charger

    Not entirely true, my iPhone 3GS charger has no problem charging my iPad. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    need help with Card reader hub , although its not a apple product

    You need to covert it to a format that will play on the iPad first. Once you do that, just can just load it through iTunes. The camera connection kit is intended for video recorded from a video camera.
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    Windows explorer equivalent in Ipad?

    Have you tried the Shutterfly App? They offer free unlimited storage of photos. You can create folders to organize your photos as well. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Is a better screen really worth £700?

    I use Handbrake, it seems to be the most popular. You will also need software that removes the DRM so Handbrake can rip the movie. I use iTunes to load the movies on to my iPad. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    Power point

    Keynote will open ppt files and save to that format as well. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    How much space is left on your device?

    No kidding, they have to be pretty low quality, even in SD it would be pushing it. They must be short movies as well. Sent from my iPad using iPF
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    need help with Card reader hub , although its not a apple product

    What type of video are you trying to copy over? Make sure it is compatible. If you still have it on your video camera, you may want to try transfering it that way.
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    Page numbering

    That was what I was going to suggest, if you had a full version of Pages on a Mac, you may be able to fix the problem. It would be worth a shot.
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    "Enter Passcode/ Wrong Passcode" Is Preventing Me From Using My iPad3

    I would say you probably have to take it to an Apple Store. Make sure to take a receipt to prove that you actually own it.
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    Docs to Go and Face Time

    When you put in the different email, do you go to your email account and open the email that is sent? There is a link in there to verify that email address.
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    Using iPad3 in another country

    Are you saying it costs $300 to get a sim card in Korea?
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    IPAD 4 What do you want ?

    You already can, just rip your CDs into iTunes, then load on to your iPad.
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    Problem with 3.5 jack NEW iPad

    Just backup your current one and when setting up the replacement, click the option to restore it from your backup. Will be just like the one you turned in.
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    Ipad 3 to buy or not to buy???

    I have had no problems with my 3. There are a lot more of us that have had no problems than those that have. The difference is, you typically don't create a thread when you don't have any issues.
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    Bad camera, 2nd broken ipad in one week!?

    They are two different cameras, the one on the back is a better camera and should be taking better quality photos.
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    iPad-4 will it get more slimmer ?

    Solid state drive, it's a type of hard drive. Traditional hard drives don't like to be moved while in operation, so it would be impossible to use them in an iPad. You would have hard drive failures all the time. SSDs are more expensive per GB of storage by quite a lot, but definitely worth it...
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    Issues with iPad 3/4G+WiFi version owner worldwide!

    At first, I read through your entire post and thought, what does any of that have to do with global warming? lol.
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    iPad 3 a big let down plus iPad 4 wish list

    From what I have seen, the charge time is around 5.5-6 hours when the battery is fully discharged. Most people sleep at least that long and most don't fully discharge it before the end of every day either. So I don't understand the issue.
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    iPad-4 will it get more slimmer ?

    To be honest, the size/weight differences are miniscule. I would actually prefer it be a little thicker and heavier than it is currently, but that is just me.
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    Do you turn off your iPad?

    I turn it off on an airplane during takeoff and landing, but outside of that it is on 24/7 unless of course it needs a reboot.
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    Grainy video

    Lighting plays a huge role. I remember when I first purchased an HD camcorder and shot my first video with it. I shot it inside with not the best lighting and it was very grainy. I couldn't figure out what the issue was. Then I saw the quality after shooting video outside with plenty of...
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    iPad 3 a big let down plus iPad 4 wish list

    That option already exists, you have the choice in storage space, it just caps out at 64 GB. You took the option of upgrading from a 16 GB version to the 64 GB version. Laptops are the same way, there is a limit to the size of hard drive that are offered as options.
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    Is a better screen really worth £700?

    Just rough estimates based on personal experience ripping blu-rays and the size of files on iTunes. iTunes 720p HD movies are roughly 2 GB per hour. I think Apple has even stated that their SD videos are around 1 GB per hour and HD 2 GB per hour. I have purchased several TV shows in HD off of...
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    Is a better screen really worth £700?

    Although I wouldn't want to pay for the same movie twice. If I already own the blu-ray, I am not going to pay to stream it HD when I can load it onto my iPad for free.
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    A dumb GPS 4G iPad question?

    The GPS doesn't need connectivity with either 4g/3g or wifi to work. The maps on the other hand do, they are downloaded when you open up the app. There may be apps out there that come with maps that stay on your machine, but I haven't looked into them. I know there are some hiking apps out...
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    Is a better screen really worth £700?

    What resolution are those videos in? You wouldn't be able to fit all that in full 1080p. I think even 720p runs about 2 GB per hour of video, 1080p is around 4 GB per hour. That is the problem I run into, they give us this great retina screen that begs for 1080p video, but I can't store much...
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    Ipod 3g with camera???

    To be honest, I'm not sure he knows what he is talking about. iOS 4.0.1 was only on the iPhone, there is no such thing as an iPhone 4G. Maybe he has an iPhone 3G, which does have a camera??
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    Ipod 3g with camera???

    iPods don't have 3g or 4g. The iPod Touch has wifi, but they don't have 3g or 4g. iPhones don't have 4g either. Do you mean an iPad?
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    iPad vs iPhone capacity

    Yes, just download the dropbox app. I set mine up by downloading their software to my desktop, but I think you may be able to do it from the app as well. You can put whatever file you want in your dropbox. On a desktop, it appears just like any other file folder, drop in what ever files you...
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    Is a better screen really worth £700?

    Simple solution though would just put in an SDXC slot, no would complain about storage content. Mac mini has one, it would be nice to transfer data between the two easily that way. I guess put that on my wish list, but likely will never happen list. One can dream though.
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    iPad vs iPhone capacity

    I personally prefer Dropbox over iCloud anyway. Give it a try, you get 2 GB free. If it works out, you can always purchase additional storage, or you may find that 2 GB is enough for what you need.
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    Is a better screen really worth £700?

    Increasing the internal storage won't affect overall size of the iPad, so I don't understand your argument for a smaller internal storage. How is carrying a secondary storage device better than having the storage internal? I would say you would be in the minority that would prefer to have a...
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    iPad 3 HD Video Test - Lufthansa A380 Landing

    My digital camera and HD camcorder don't fit in my pocket either... Obviously though, the iPad wouldn't be my first choice, but I am more likely to have it with me, so it is nice to have HD recording capability for those spur of the moment things that you hadn't preplanned for and brought the...
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    iPad 3 a big let down plus iPad 4 wish list

    Considering that you can't run 1080p movies on an iPad 2, that should give you an advantage of a new one. Which leads into the only gripe I have, no 128 GB version. Those 1080p movies take up a huge chunk of space.
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    Things i love and things i hate about my new ipad3

    I must be confusing my iPhone with my Android phone, one of the two drained my battery pretty quickly when I would leave particular apps running in the background.
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    Things i love and things i hate about my new ipad3

    You'll also want to close those out when you are done using them as they are still running in the background.
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    iPad vs iPhone capacity

    Perhaps I am not understanding what you are wanting to do, but you would just download the photos you wished to view from iCloud to your iPad.