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    setting and using icloud on ipad

    iCloud is a service that stores your content—mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, bookmarks, notes, photos, and documents—and wirelessly pushes it to your devices and computers, automatically keeping everything up to date. iCloud features include: Automatic Downloads—Automatically...
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    Save and Protect your iPad Device: How to Save and Prolong the battery life of iPad

    Saving the battery life of your iPad 1.Keep Your iDevice Out of the Sun Whatever you do, don’t leave your iPhone or iPod sitting in a hot car—heat kills batteries faster than any other factor, and your device that used to keep a charge for hours will eventually barely hold a charge...
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    Hi to everyone, I am new here and is amazingly exciting and helpful - thank you all..

    Hi, since i got my new ipad i have been looking for a user support community until i discovered this forum. Pretty good, amazingly helpful and nice to stick to. I am Irem Bright C'mezie, a medical doctor by profession who uses my ipad to run numerous helpful medical apps. Wow i am enjoying my...