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    Photo Resolution/size on ipad2

    Hi, I have an ipad 2 16gb wi-fi. Since I am short of space, does anyone know what size/resolution does ipad2 import photos. If say I have a 4gb album on my macbook on iphoto, will ipad also use 4gb or will it compress it while syncing through itunes.
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    Apps won't install from app store on Ipad2

    A few minutes ago i tried to install and app from the app store on my ipad2 and i click the install button on the app and then the password pop up comes and I put my password. Then it should start downloading but ipad comes back to the home screen and nothing happens. I tried reboot, restart...
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    Air Video and remote wake Mac

    So I have a macbook and I want to be able to wake it up when I want to access Airvideo when i am traveling. What do I need to remotely wake my macbook so that the air video server is accessible. I already have air video installed on my ipad2.
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    Help viewing Photo

    Is there any free app. Also, to use the picture frame on the ipad2 I have to have pics in the photo apps correct? There is no other way around this?
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    Help viewing Photo

    Hi all, I got a 16gb wifi ipad2. I don't want the photos to be imported into the ipad. I have my photos in my external hard drive connected to my macbook. I also have pics on picasaweb. Now can I view these pics without having them on my ipad. I want to show it to my friends and want it be...
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    Recommend Some Books - newbie

    Hi all, Just got an ipad2. I am not much of a reader but now I am starting to like reading on the ipad2. I like to get some recommendation on good books. If possible some free ones either for the kindle or the ibook apps. Must read Fiction Romance Thriller Vampire Short stories...
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    Just Bought an ipad 2 - Apps help

    Thanks, Which app to use to get free books or magazines.
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    Just Bought an ipad 2 - Apps help

    I just got an ipad2 and I synced the apps i already have, but I guess they are for the iphone. I need some recommendations for apps on the ipad2 Browser - one that can possibly run flash websites. Facebook - any alternatives or facebook hd for ipad perhaps? Pictures- Any app to view...
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    Retail inventory improve yet?

    I think supply is good now. i went yesterday stood in line they had lot of 64gb wifi and att but didnt want that. So i went today morning they said they wont be handing out tickets anymore. Check with them later in the day. I called them in the evening and they had plenty in stock. Just my...
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    Watching movies Online - Avi, divx

    Hi, I am trying to find out if the ipad 2 will be able to play streaming movies online from websites? Usually on my mac... I have installed the divx extension or something and it plays fine on my macbook, but will it play on the ipad2. How do you guys watch it? Do you need a special...
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    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    I went to the apple store and stood in line yesterday and today but they did not have the model I am looking for. Some observations: Mostly people in the line were Asians and they were there yesterday as well and the same people today. They are with wife, parents etc. Are they buying these and...
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    16gb ipad users- how do you manage space

    Are the new shipments of ipad are free of light bleeding. Is this a new batch of production?
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    16gb ipad users- how do you manage space

    Does movies on dropbox work on ipad. the other day i made a movie on imovies on my mac and saved it as .m4v. I cant seem to play it on my iphone3g.
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    16gb ipad users- how do you manage space

    Thanks, I went to the apple sore this morning at 9am when they open but apparently the lines had already formed since 4 and everything except verizon sold out. Any idea when this supply issue will resolve.
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    16gb ipad users- how do you manage space

    Thanks guys for your quick response and suggestions. I guess I will go with the 16gb. The only other thing is can I use my iphone 4 to tether personal hotspot to use my ipad when in car or outside. I have currently unlimited data on my att plan. How do I enable personal hotspot.
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    16gb ipad users- how do you manage space

    Hi all, I am, planning to get the ipad2. I am however, not sure which size to get. I will be playing a few games music probably 1-2gb. Movies is what is concerning me. How do you owners of ipad and 1 and 2 16gb have expanded size. cloud service(dropbox). Also, I am planning to get wi-fi...
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    Some questions before buying

    What is the actual space you get with the 16gb and 32gb? Air video sounds good, I am thinking will 16gb be enough if I stream movies and keep 1gb music. the rest of the space can be for apps and pics. what do you guys think
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    Some questions before buying

    I did not buy ipad1 and now I think I want to have an ipad2. I went to apple stores these last couple of days but they don't have the one I am looking for. I am wondering if I should buy the 16gb or the 32gb. I am interested in wifi only. I also know that I may be upgrading to ipad 3 when it...