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    Where do YOU get your iBooks from? (for those that don't buy em)

    I have never downloaded a book from limewire that I didn't purchase. If I kept all my books I would have to live in the NYC library. I saved all the .lit books from years ago and have converted them using calibre. I have to admit I like having the Harry Potter books this way and since I have...
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    My iPad Review, and iPad vs. Kindle 2

    I have been reading e-books since my handspring visor (yep I am that old). I tried the nook. Have to turn overhead or reading light on way too high for me plus page turning is painfully slow. Since I am sun sensitive the sunlight on the iPad doesn't bother me cause I would be burned to a crisp...
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    Official iPad Owners List

    iPad 32G since June. Moms 16G 3G ordered!!
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    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    I took a sledgehammer to my linksys yesterday. Airport extreme plus express as an extender. Tech support with AppleCare til it runs out on my MacBook. Fabulous connectivity. I have read that changing security settings on your router helps (wep). Also reset network settings on iPad. Good luck!
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    Is my credit card info safe? iPad 3G stolen w/ SIM

    I have been SO lucky with Craigslist. I sold my iPhone 3GS for $300. Young man asked where I wanted to meet. I told him my work. Suwanee Police Department. I would have to buzz him in. :) The young man was actually grateful because he knew HE would be safe. Hope your police department can pull...