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    pdf vs epub

    I prefer ePub for novels and PDF for textbooks and the like.
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    Apple Bluetooth Keyboard :(

    Thank you for your help sch, but I have regrettably tried both of those already. :( [edit] Right, so I've tried pairing up the keyboard with my laptop and that works. Then I attempted to pair the iPad with my phone and while the iPad did not discover the device, the phone did find and connect...
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    Apple Bluetooth Keyboard :(

    I have an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard purchased together with the iPad and they worked brilliantly together until today when it suddenly failed to be discovered. I have not used the keyboard for about a month leading up to this. I have tried switching batteries (doesn't seem to be the issue though...
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    Tor connection issues

    I wasn't quite sure where this fits in, but hopefully I've posted in the right place... I'm having connectivity issues with Tor for iPhone on my iPad (3.2). Everything installed correctly as far as I can tell, only I keep getting "Problem communicating with the proxy." I have Tor...
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    Slow Backup via Itunes - How to Speed up>?

    I had (still have) this issue and for me, the culprit was oPlayer. If I add, say, a video file about the size of ~150MB, it takes about ten minutes longer than usual to perform a backup. That's ten minutes per video file added. It's one-time only though, so once I have the video loaded and...
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    FAQ SHAtter and greenpoison

    Hi guys, I'm fairly new to jailbreaking and I have a quick question. If my device is already jailbroken with Spirit on firmware 3.2 (iPad), can I back it up through iTunes, upgrade to the latest firmware, jailbreak with greenp0ison and restore to original state using the backup--apps, all...
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    Mail Setup Hotmail/live account

    Try going to Settings -> Mail, &c. -> Other, and inputting pop setting as follows: (reproduced from external source, could not link due to low post count; sorry about the formatting, unable to insert paragraph breaks in quotations for some reason)
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    RDP and Tunneling

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to tunnel using a jailbroken iOS to a remote PC through a combination of iSSH/Backgrounder/Wyse PocketCloud RDP and was curious if anybody has similar experiences or can offer an opinion on its feasibility. From what I can discern from my SSH server log (Windows 7), I'm...