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    Accessing NAS/network drive storage with an iPad?

    I've been playing around with "Remote Files" and a little with FileExplorer. I thought remote files was the better of the two, lightning fast load times and a little better with file comparability. I guess what I need are two apps, one for uploading and downloading and managing the folders...
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    Accessing NAS/network drive storage with an iPad?

    What's the best app for uploading/downloading files to my network drive? I have a linksys e4200 v1 on the latest firmware with a wd mybook essentials hooked up to it with the USB port. My router has FTP settings for the storage drive and is also upnp and Dlna comparable. I'm looking for a...
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    Fax app ?

    Faxburner is free and gives you virtual numbers good for 24 hours and lets you receive up to 25 pages per month for free. Also lets you send 5 total pages for free. Also because of the new safari uploading options in ios6 there is a trick to upload your fax to a website that does free faxes...
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    Downloaded ebook

    In iOS apps like the email app, safari, or other apps like the chrome browser when you click a link for a PDF it just opens in that app, but it doesn't automatically save it. If you just do one tap in the middle of the screen after it has downloaded two buttons will pop up on the upper corner...
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    Newbie from New Joisey

    Hey there, just saying hello. Was just gifted an iPad 2 32gig wifi, also have a 4s. This is my first pad but I have had a 3GS and a ip4 before. I like the friendly community vibe here. Macrumors is huge it can have less of a personal vibe. Looking for app recommendations cause I hate dling...