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    Ipad 2 camera for surveillance/secuirty

    I'm looking for an app that will allow me to use my ipad 2 camera as a security camera. In a perfect would I would be able to control it with my iphone or another great solution would be when the image the ipad is set on changes then it starts taking pics or video. Pics would be fine to be...
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    REmote Control App and Hardweare for iPad 2

    I'm looking for a good solution / app that will allow me to use my ipad 2 as a universal remote control. I want it to control my direct tv, apple TV and it's features, my sony tv etc..... thkns R
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    Ipad 2 Camera

    I swear sometimes I just don't get Apple's thinking. Why would they ever do something that stupid. They brag about having 2 cameras, using Facetime or Facedial, they talk about video, front and back, bla bla bla......but their camera just sucks!!!!!! I love apple stuff, I mean I really...
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    Ipad 2 Camera

    Hey guys, Anyone know how many pixels is the ipad 2's camera. Reason I ask is because my iphone 4 takes better pictures than my ipad. R.
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    PGP (Pretty Good Encryption) for Ipad

    I've use this software for my windows computers and macs. But now I need to encrypt some files in my Ipad. Anyone here use PGP for ipad in the past, or have a good encryptions solution for what I need? thanks
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    Real Racing Game Versions

    ok thanks
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    Real Racing Game Versions

    Anyone know the difference between Real Racing, Real Racing HD and Real Racing HD 2?? Thanks
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    Desktop Connect App for Ipad

    Does anyone have any experience with this ipad application? If so, have you tried controlling your computers from outside your local network. For example lets say i have to take a trip and I'm in a hotel room with wifi, can i connect to my laptop at home, transfer files etc.... Thanks
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    iPod to iPad connector

    Hey guys and gals, Rick here. This is my first post here. I have a question that I'm hoping some of you can help with. K My girl has a stereo with a dock for an iPod, now she has an iPad and is wondering how to connect her iPad to it so she can listen to her music? The stereo is a...