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    Identify New ipad from version 2

    Physically? I don't think it's apparent to the eye even though there is a slight difference. Enough to make me get a new case.
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    WiFi Signal Strength APP?

    I use inSSIDer on my PC to measure signal strength inside my house. I just thought it would be nice to have the same capability with my iPad, plus it would be a lot more convenient. I was just wondering if Apple ever addressed this or gave a reason why they won't allow the app. Skull One...
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    WiFi Signal Strength APP?

    I never even thought of that aspect.
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    WiFi Signal Strength APP?

    That's interesting. I still don't understand what would be considered abuse? It just seems like a logical utility to help improve your home router placement or find its weakness. I don't see why apple would be threatened by it. Next time someone comes over with an android device I'll ask...
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    WiFi Signal Strength APP?

    I'm sure this has already been asked, but I couldn't find it with a quick search: Is there a reason there are no WiFi Signal Strength Apps (unless you jailbreak)? I'd like to measure the WiFi signal in my house, with more information than just the three bars. I use inSSIDer on my PC to get...
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    Also, you may want to ensure you're backing up and restoring your data (if your apps have data). For example, I have an app that tracks the books I've read. When I moved from the 2 to the New I restored the app but not the data in it.
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    my Ipad 3 doesn't charge from USB2

    Right, I've used the program on my cheap Acer laptop with my iPad2 for a year without any issues on either device. I've been using it with the New, also with no problems. I'm only vouching for my experience. I'd suggest anyone using any program do their own research to ensure they're not...
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    my Ipad 3 doesn't charge from USB2

    Have you tried a program like the ASUS ai charger?
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    Does LTE *truly* use same amt of data as 3G on ipad3?

    I have to assume that the speed test measures how much data can be up/downloaded in a specific period of time. So it makes sense that it would use more data the faster the speed, right? Other than that, I think your first paragraph is correct. You won't use more data with LTE unless you choose...
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    3 vs 2, what say you?

    Sorry, not an artist, but here's my opinion. The LTE capability is a 'vast' improvement over 3G. The display is breathtaking but the 2 is pretty darn good IMHO. The camera is now usable indoors, but that was never very important to me. I'm not taking advantage of the dictation, simply...
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    Faux Leather Smart iPad 3 Case Video Review!

    Looks very similar to the Switcheasy Canvas without a latch, but about $30 cheaper. The Canvas comes with a screen guard and port protectors. I love mine on the 2, still waiting for the New cover though.
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    Need to turn LTE off

    Strange. You say you were traveling, so you may have been going in and out of cellular coverage. But it makes no sense to turn off LTE and get 4G. When you turned it back on, did you still have 4G? I've got the Verizon model and the LTE is smoking. 3G areas seem better than my iPad2 with...
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    Where to buy Friday??

    Refresh my memory. When the 2 came out weren't there links to stores (Target and others) inventories? I hope someone else remembers this...
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    Audiobooks on Ipad?

    I'm not sure what your question is, but I use the Audiobooks app. There are plenty of free books, as well as the ones you can pay for.
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    Thanks! Worked for me (non-JB version).
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    The way I did it was to delete xsysinfo FO on the iPad and then connect to my computer. After the sync you just go to your apps (on the computer) and select the xsysinfo box to be re-synced. Now, can anyone tell me how to get my iPad to ignore the update needed prompt?
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    Do you have any more info on this? I backed up the older version. Like others have said, the memory cleanup is the reason I got the program.
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    New io dock. Any thouhts?

    Just read about it and it certainly looks cool. I also have GT Pro and a Line 6 Guitar Port on my PC, and I'm staying with it since it's familiar. The iPad 2 is my first Apple product but it makes me wish I went with a Mac a long time ago. Let us know if you get the Alesis and how it works...
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    I like the layout of text now, but for some reason when I send a pic with the text it never goes. Works fine with text free though.
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    If you read "What's in the Box" on the apple website, there's no mention of headphones.
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    signature on yahoo emails?

    Are you asking why you lost your signature (no clue here), or how to set it up?
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    Ipad 2 insurance

    That's probably excellent advise. Since this was my first real Apple product and I may be taking it places where it could be exposed to harsh conditions, I decided to go the SquareTrade route. It does cover accidents, as opposed to Apple Care. Like any insurance, you hope you never need to...
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    Great apps for road trips?

    This is a cool thread, I hope it keeps going. FastFood is also pretty good for finding restaurants nearby. GasBuddy lists the best prices and seems like people update it often.
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    Best free texting app for ipad?

    Do any text apps allow you to send a short code? Neither Textnow nor Textfree allow it.
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    Best free texting app for ipad?

    For some reason when I sent a picture to a Verizon cell phone with TextNow, it never showed up. I thought it may be an issue with Verizon. But then it worked with Textfree.
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    Different AT&T Data Plan Question

    That's hilarious! Thanks for the info. We were extremely lucky, no damage (except for the food loss). It makes you really appreciate what you have.
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    Different AT&T Data Plan Question

    That article is correct, I'm now really confused. If neither the pre or post paid plans require a contract, and the post paid plan has the favorable charge for extra monthly data, why would anyone want the Pre-paid plan? This wouldn't be an issue for me normally since I'm usually on WiFi...
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    Different AT&T Data Plan Question

    Sorry, I should have called AT&T before posting. After guiding the customer service rep to the web page I was talking about, she said the 1G/$10 add on was only for POST PAID accounts, not pre-paid. It says nothing of the sort on their website.
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    Different AT&T Data Plan Question

    I didn't want to highjack the other thread. Here's my question - on the AT&T website it states: "Usage in excess of 250 MB for the 250 MB plan, or 2GB for 2GB plan, during any 30 day period to be billed at $14.99 for each additional 250 MB, and $10 for each additional 1 GB, respectively."...
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    SwitchEasy Brand?

    I didn't get the screen guard and notified Switcheasy, but I told them it was no big deal. I was happy with the case. They immediately sent me a guard anyway. Great customer service.
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    Buy iPad 2 at apple store immediately?

    I got mine at a Sam's Club about 4 weeks ago. I was there on a Saturday and just happened to ask if/when they think they'd get a 2 in. The guy told me to call in the morning during the week because they never know what's coming in. I called on the day he told me and he said the truck just...
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    SwitchEasy Brand?

    Got my canvas today and it's really nice. But I didn't receive the Screen Guard with it. Not a huge concern, but I was wondering if everyone else got it with theirs? I sent switcheasy an email asking about it.
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    SwitchEasy Brand?

    I ordered mine last Friday, was told they were out of stock on Monday, then received a notice it shipped on Thursday. It seems like they're a pretty responsible company, just overwhelmed right now. Good problem to have in this economy.
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    kensington case w/BT keyboard

    Yeah, that would be nice. Eventually there will probably be an app for that.
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    kensington case w/BT keyboard

    I've got the same one, for the same reason. Also don't like where the apostrophe key is set. Overall, it's decent and it sure beats bringing a notebook with me when I go on travel. I ordered a Switcheasy Canvas for home use.
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    Unable to register AT&T online and myAT&T It basically shows what you see when you check your cellular use on the iPad. I haven't tried the app, but I assume you'd see the same info. Would the advantage of the app be that you don't have to enter your user id and password everytime?
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    Check memory usage

    That show Storage capacity and availability. If the question is how to find out how much RAM is being used, I don't think either iTunes or the iPad lists it. I haven't loaded the xSysinfo app but it looks promising.
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    SwitchEasy Brand?

    It does. That's the one I ordered.
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    SwitchEasy Brand?

    Just wanted to note that the Canvas covers are in stock again. I just ordered mine.
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    SwitchEasy Brand?

    Good to know, it's going to be my next case. I just cancelled my order for a Marware Microshell Folio Slimcase because it has been on back order for 3 weeks now and they couldn't tell me when they'd get it in. I can wait another few days and order the canvas. Now I have to think of which...