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  1. Beckio

    Syncing iPad

    Hey so I got an iPad for Christmas and I had a laptop that I used to put my music etc on. But today I bought a new computer and was just wondering if its possible to use that computer to put songs on without it erasing what I already have on there. I never use the sync button, I always use...
  2. Beckio

    New computer!h

    Thank you :)
  3. Beckio

    New computer!h

    Thank you for your replies. I'd love to build one but I'm rubbish with knowing what is good and what is bad, although I could get the help of my brother. I will look into Alienware desktops! Thank you again :)
  4. Beckio

    New computer!h

    I'd like to spend around £500 on one but if need be the most I'd spend is £650/700. Thank you :)
  5. Beckio

    New computer!h

    Hello all :) I'm currently looking for a new computer, preferably gaming so I can run game such as Counter-strike: source, minecraft, wow and other games smoothly. I'm looking for a good cheap computer that could run those games, but as I don't really know what is a good gaming computer and...
  6. Beckio

    What's the last movie you saw?

    The last movie I went to see in the cinema was Texas Chainsaw 3D, about 2 weeks ago! The last movie I actually watched was The Dark Knight. One of my all time favourites :)
  7. Beckio

    Favourite TV show

    Friends The Big Bang Theory How I Met Your Mother The Walking Dead Prison Break CATFISH THE TV SHOW < new favourite
  8. Beckio

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Sat on the couch with my dog watching Mumford & Sons: The road to red rocks DVDand writing this on my ipad :)
  9. Beckio

    Ejecto iPad-O!

    Hahaha awesome
  10. Beckio

    AnyAttach - Attach Any File to E-Mail (While In Mail App)

    This has just made my life 50 times easier. Thanks. Apple should really have this anyway
  11. Beckio

    Playing music whilst playing games?h

    Ah I see, thank you :) yeah it would be good if they allowed it, never mind!
  12. Beckio

    Who Got An iPad for Christmas?

    Yes :) I got a 64gb white ipad 3 for Christmas. My parents bought it like 3 days before the ipad 4 was released ! Happy with my ipad 3 though.
  13. Beckio

    Do you give your device a name.

    Yeah I do, it's called "becky lidddddd" haha strange :)
  14. Beckio

    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    Yes, listening to music from my iPad as I'm writing this from my iPad :)
  15. Beckio

    Playing music whilst playing games?h

    Hi there, I'm just wondering if its possible to still play your own music whilst playing a game? Mine always seems to stop playing when I open certain games even with the sound/music turned off in the in-game settings.. It's really frustrating how you can't listen to your own music :( Thanks.
  16. Beckio

    Official iPad Owners List

    Owner of a white 64gb wifi-only iPad 3 :)
  17. Beckio

    Airport City - Friends request

    Add me: Beckio Ive just started playing but feel free to add me :)
  18. Beckio

    Hi All :)

    Hello everyone, my name is Becky and I'm 19 from the UK :) Looking forward to talking and meeting new people here!