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    iPad2 factory battery charger questions

    Thanks for all of the replies and reassurance that the charging characteristics of the plug are normal. :thumbs: :)
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    Does iPad 2 Cases really mess up the proximity sensor. Pong Research says Yes.

    Well, if you are sitting down and have an iPad in your lap, or lying in bed with it on your chest (or lap), I'd guarantee it's within 1/2" of your body, if not physically touching the users body due to design and typical use by the typical consumer. Live life, stop worrying about the what ifs...
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    iPad2 factory battery charger questions

    This is in reference to the actual, physical, white "plug" that comes w/ the iPad2.... I've noticed that my iPad 2 charger (plug) is getting extremely hot while it is charging my iPad. I also have noticed that it seems to be taking quite some time for the actual iPad to get fully charged to...
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    Are zagg screen protectors always this grippy?

    Do you have the non-glare-anti-fingerprint shield by ZAGG or the "regular" clear shield? The reason I ask is, I originally had the NGAF shield from ZAGG and to be honest, it was THE WORST product to use, due to its design... It made the screen look pixelated and it was such a waste of money...
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    iOS 5.1 file size differences - updating via iTunes vs updating wirelessly via device

    Why is there a dramatic size difference in the actual file size of the new iOS 5.1 when updating it via iTunes account vs updating via the actual device wirelessly? What I mean is this: To update via iTunes - the file size is showing as 803MB To update via the device (iPhone or iPad)...
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    Apple Ripped Me Off

    So, if you JUST bought the iPad2, return it (or if that is not possible due to store policies, SELL it outright)... then order the newest iPad. I don't see this as being "Apple's" problem or issue. I mean, I (and every other person following Apple's tech) knew there was a new iPad coming this...
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    Black or white iPad 2?

    Black - it just looks better IMO - classy... As far as the comments about the white "getting dirty"... the actual color (black OR white) is under the glass... It's not like it's one of the older white MAC laptops, desktops or iPods, where those units were encased in a white plastic exterior...
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    Ios 5.1

    For those that don't know it yet - to operate the camera from the lock screen on the iPhones - you do not "tap it", you put your finger on the icon and then scroll it upwards... it will then instantly activate the camera function... Pretty much works like opening the "notifications" screen...
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    unwanted apps on iTunes

    I'm pretty sure that if you deleted (or delete) any apps on your actual iTunes account - that the next time around (syncing - if enabled, or if manually done) will sync your iTunes account with the current apps you have installed on your device. I think it will say something to the effect that...
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    Canera icon on lock page

    The new camera icon on the lock screen - to activate the camera function, you do not "tap" it. Put your finger on the icon and "scroll it upwards", the lock screen will then scroll up and the camera is now instantly activated. It works in similar fashion to the "notifications" screen access. :)
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    AT&T Adjusts Data-Throttling Policy in Response to Customer Complaints

    They are back peddling now, because people are taking them to small claims court, suing AND winning! So far, 2 people have won - $850-$1200 respectively. AT&T is afraid of more followers going to small claims courts, rather than the common "class action" suits, which do not net actual owners...
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    IOS 5.1 Update HOLLA!!!!!

    Must be everyone and their great great grandmother jumping on to D/L the newest iOS updates - not to mention there is another iTunes update (75MB) as well that has to be completed too.... I'm on Comcast, wireless, and to do the iOS update via the iPad2 wirelessly, it's saying the estimated time...