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    Evernote versus notability

    I do a lot of handwriting either for a quick note or for classroom teaching... I also love the file organization and i have it sync to Dropbox if needed. Notability is also great for annotating my student's papers and sending them back to them.
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    Best note taking / "whiteboard" app?

    Noterize I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Noterize.... or maybe I missed it. This is a great app with VGA out, recording, importing/exporting from/to gdocs, dropbox, box, email etc. It has easy to use writing and typing tools. My students use this constantly for their notes as they...
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    10 iPads for school setting

    Multiple ipads set-up I'm a physical science teacher/chemistry teacher with 20 ipads in my classroom. I synced them all to one account on one computer. Each ipad is named separately (each with a famous scientist name) and have their own email account set up on them for communications. I also...
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    pdf mark up app to sync with dropbox HELP!!!

    Saving doc in smartnote to dropbox It seems the me that in any of the writing or annotating apps, when you "export" a doc it really just puts it in a folder which is accessible to the outside world. In smartnote, once you put the doc in this export folder, you just need to go to the home...
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    pdf mark up app to sync with dropbox HELP!!!

    SmartNote I think SmartNote is the ticket... download pdf, annotate and save to dropbox...sweet app
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    Best note taking / "whiteboard" app?

    SmartNote is my fav... I agree the SmartNote is by far the best note-taking app... what's more, is that they will be providing an update to allow for VGA projection. The app allows you to download pdf documents, annotate them and upload them again to share via dropbox or shared wifi...