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  1. J

    Tv abroad

    Yes - filmonTV. Doesn't have everything but certainly BBC and it works!!! Just a few seconds delay on normal TV broadcast. Also filmonplus (just downloaded and checked out).
  2. J

    Ipad2 not finding linksys wifi

    Use a wireless Cisco Linksys WRT54G3GV2-VF wireless router with 3G connection to Internet (as don't have a telephone) for home network. Connect Ipad2 to the network and internet with no problems.
  3. J

    view pdf document as web page

    I am accessing a web site that has some of its pages as pdf documents rather than normal html pages. Whereas these display fine on a PC the do not provide me with the option to scroll from one page to another, print the pages or chnage the view size (normally controlled by icons on the top of...