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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    I never had it since I got mine after the update. Cant say either way but you can't miss what you never had. I like the mute button for quick quiet. Rachelle
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    Ipad Battery

    So glad I found this thread. I had no idea I should let it drain completely once a month. I knew there was no memory like the old batteries but I had no idea it was "healthy" for my iPad to let it drain completely. Good info and great job sourcing it. Rachelle Butts
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    Another word processing question

    I am with you on that one. I think I am pulling the trigger now. LOL. I think I have spent enough time debating. I am going to go with docs to go and worse case senario I don't like it and have to go with another. Thank you all for your help as I make the simplest decision. Lol...
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    Question for those with docs to go

    Thanks Simon! I think I am gonna go ahead and pull the trigger on this one and go for the premium. Worst case senario is I don't like it and I have to go buy another one. But I think this one is the winner for what I need it for. Rachelle
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    Another word processing question

    Snowplow, I read that article and in reading the reviews prior to the update I was set on going with that one (the article was out before all the updates) but there are pretty bad reviews since the update. That being said I am getting the feeling that people gripe after an update because things...
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    Question for those with docs to go

    This is the word processing ap that I am looking at going with as I likenwhatnitnsays you can do with it. However in the app store a lot of the reviews are saying that the last update made it crash and in general people are not as happy with it. Is anyone here having that problem? Also...
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    I have had a kindle for a couple of years so I have got quite a collection. I have been hesitant to buy books in iBooks. I have downloaded a few samples and am happy with the program I am just still very happy with kindle. I have the kindle app on my iPad now and use it the same way I did on my...
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    Another word processing question

    Okay, this is where I am at. I see a lot of problems with updates across both docs to go and word hd. People seem to like these things until an update comes along. This is what I see especially with docs to go. I like the idea of the different ways to save the projects and being able to access...
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    Another word processing question

    Thanks!! I am still getting used to the auto fix from typing. LOL I just noticed it says progressive instead of professor. Diane, i'll have to shoot the developers an email. I didnt realize that was even an option. Gunny, thanks that was exactly what I was trying to figure out. I have...
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    Another word processing question

    I know this has probably been asked hundreds of times but this is a first for me. I am a student that needs to be able to submit papers via an online class room. Almost all of my progressive want these documents in word doc format. I have been looking at couple of Different word processors...
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    Newbie saying hello

    Hi guys! My name is Rachelle Butts. Just got an iPad for Christmas thanks to Santa (aka the hubby) kinda new to the apple world as far as doing more than playing games and listening to music. Glad I found these forums as I am sure I am going to need a bit of help venturing out from music and...