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  1. Chuy Hardy

    Game center friends.

    Add me please chuy_hardy
  2. Chuy Hardy

    Best app for saving a web page as a pdf?

    Buy icab mobile, it's the best browser ever made for iPad, you can save any page on PDF, and a LOT of other stuff, hope you like it :)
  3. Chuy Hardy

    Gameloft friends

    Just to be clear... You add everyone that post before you, then you add your tag to the list...
  4. Chuy Hardy

    I want a password app that autofills login info. Suggestions?

    Check out, datavault best pass manager
  5. Chuy Hardy


    No problem :)
  6. Chuy Hardy

    PHoto App

    For the photo app check out snapseed, and for FTP, I use fast FTP client, hope you like the apps :)
  7. Chuy Hardy

    Top rpg/mmorpg upcoming/onappstore?

    A good RPG on the AppStore is initial 3, check it out :)
  8. Chuy Hardy


    Hey, forget my last post, just go right to "charadium II HD" it's just what you need :p, also it got a free version so you can check it out before buy it :)
  9. Chuy Hardy


    Check out "sketch n guess" maybe you'll like it
  10. Chuy Hardy


    Your looking just for a pictionary game, or for games like that?
  11. Chuy Hardy

    Board games

    I just found this game, looks pretty cool, later I'll buy it and upload my comments, but here is the name, for those that wanna try some fresh ideas and new games, the game is "dedaloop", it's a really cool concept, the bad side, they don't got a free version... Later I'll tell you what I think...
  12. Chuy Hardy

    Board games

    I got to say I love a good board game (playing with friends, and stuff like that make me go back to my childhood), I got and recommend the next board games: -trivial pursuit; -UNO; -life; -monopoly; -risk; -battleship; and others like gomoku, reversi, connect 4, etc. Anyone knows another good...
  13. Chuy Hardy

    To developers. Hear us!

    So this post is dedicated to 3 things: 1- If you wanna share some idea to create a new app (any kind) 2- Developers that can read this post and get some new ideas, btw if you use one of the following ideas a little credit (or gift version of the app) would be nice ;) 3- We will say the pros and...
  14. Chuy Hardy

    Why is original Akinator gone?

    Yep that sucks....
  15. Chuy Hardy

    DreamBook – The Best App to Interpret Your Dreams

    Can you send me one?
  16. Chuy Hardy

    Safari iOS 5 tip

    cool! Thanks for sharing!
  17. Chuy Hardy

    Best movie app

    Thats really nice
  18. Chuy Hardy

    Best app tracker?

    I was wondering, which app tracker (apps that let you now the latest changes on apps prices), it's the best? I use: Appshopper Freebies And appadvice
  19. Chuy Hardy

    PDF editor

    I use iannotatepdf, think itvs GREAT
  20. Chuy Hardy

    Garageband lessons

    Maybe it's more easy of you look for tutorials in YouTube or some other page
  21. Chuy Hardy

    Best movie app

    Ive been looking for some app to play online movies, I really don't care the "system" (online catalog or livestreaming plays), I just one to enjoy movies on iPad. Can anyone help?
  22. Chuy Hardy

    Best password protection app

    Datavault, hands down
  23. Chuy Hardy

    Game center friends

    Just added all the replies, add me pls chuy hardy
  24. Chuy Hardy

    Photo streaming photos

    Well that's disappointing, but in the other hand I don't feel dumb anymore.
  25. Chuy Hardy

    Photo streaming photos

    Well I feel kind of dumb asking this... But someone know how to delete the photos on the photo stream section?
  26. Chuy Hardy

    Is there any MMORPG game compatible with iOS 5?

    The gameloft mmo os presta great.
  27. Chuy Hardy

    FACEBOOK question ???

    I think you can't
  28. Chuy Hardy


    Use iMessage it's the best XP
  29. Chuy Hardy


  30. Chuy Hardy

    Free app friday!

    I think that was a lie =S, if you are looking for free apps, look for a free app catalog, I recommend "freebies"
  31. Chuy Hardy

    refund possible?

    This is something I wanna know too, could you tell us (or me) what happens?
  32. Chuy Hardy

    What are your three favorite ipad video games?

    1- NOVA 2 2- Super Brothers 3- Age of Zombies
  33. Chuy Hardy

    Free app friday!

  34. Chuy Hardy

    Agrega amigos!

    I te interesa conseguir nuevos amigos en gamecenter o gameloft agrega me o poeta aquí, mi gamecenter es: [email protected] y gameloft tan es: chuy_hardy
  35. Chuy Hardy

    Gameloft friends

    If you like to get more Gameloft friends, add me or post here, mi gamertag: chuy_hardy
  36. Chuy Hardy

    The Free Candle App

    Wow, for a moment I feel scared
  37. Chuy Hardy

    The best News App for iPad

    The onion tablet.
  38. Chuy Hardy

    iPad 2 Browser

    Icabmobile, best browser hands down. Try it them thank me ;)
  39. Chuy Hardy

    Indie Games!

    I'm a big fan of indie games, I actually buy and spend more time playing this kind of games that the "big company" ones (don't get me wrong, I love all kind of games, but indies got that "fresh" concepts and beautiful arts), in pc and home console its not hard to find good ones, but on the ipad...