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  1. emoreira

    iPad2 very slow after iOS8 install!

    I will wait a few weeks for new updates. Last time when I updated to IOS 7 my Ipad 2 became deadly slow. New updates came and now it works as it should. Now running IOS 7.1.2
  2. emoreira

    GMAIL WAV files attached cannot be played

    Thanks for all the answers and your time. In the iPad e-mail I have configured my Hotmail account. Opening the wav file in Safari I get the same crossed play icon. If I forward the GMail e-mail with the wav file to my Hotmail account, I can open and play the wav file from there. I've...
  3. emoreira

    GMAIL WAV files attached cannot be played

    I receive e-mails in GMAIL from my phone voice mail with the voice mail attached as a wav file. I cannot reproduce the wav file attached. All I get is a black screen with a crossed play icon. Any way to be able to hear the voice in the file ?
  4. emoreira

    Pdf printer

    Though there are several pdf printer apps out there, both paid and free, no one seems to do what I need. Navigating a web page with Safari, for example a homebanking page, if I want to print in a pdf file a transaction voucher, and upload it to my dropbox folder, for further use, or open it...
  5. emoreira

    How to link Google Calendar to ipad calendar

    Is there any posibility to link the Google Calendar to the iPad 2 calendar ? I could not find the way to do this. Thanks.
  6. emoreira

    PDF printer

    Hi, I've been searching for an application to print documents, web pages to a PDF file and store that PDF file in my dropbox directory, skydrive or Google Drive or being able to open it with Acrobat. I tried several apps, but no one seems to do what I need. If any one knows of an app that does...
  7. emoreira

    Update IOS 6.1

    I've updated my IPAD 2 to the new 6.1 OS. At least the only thing I've noticed is that the video streaming is not working. Youtube videos work, but videos inserted in newspapers web sites do not work. Appears the Play triangle crossed.
  8. emoreira

    Charging IPad2 from Notebook

    I've heard someone telling that there are notebook specific apps to rise the voltage of the notebook's USB port to allow it to charge the IPad 2. Have someone any idea of this or where can I find those applications ?
  9. emoreira

    iReader camera kit

    Hi, I bought the iReader camera kit (www . ebay . com/itm/2in1-iReader-Camera-Connection-Kit-Apple-Pad-SD-Card-and-USB-Flash-Disk-/180841506588) to download to the iPad photos from the camera using the camera usb cable or to plug-in the SD card. This works ok. Besides, this device comes with a...
  10. emoreira

    Strange symbol in IPAD top bar

    Thanks !!! New toy....
  11. emoreira

    Strange symbol in IPAD top bar

    Hi, dont know how or when a new symbol appeared in the upper bar of my IPAD just by the battery status symbol. It´s a lock inside a round arrow. What does it means and what should I do. Thanks.