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    Is there any other cheaper device that works as apple tv's airplay?

    If you just want airplay functionality I see no reason at all why an aTV wont work in Asia. As for something cheaper...... no. to be honest I think the aTV is very cheap for what it does (especially when JB and XBMC installed). Something cheape will probably not work as well.
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    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    I could only afford a 16Gb without 3g but I do have a [very wonderful] Mifi from 3 here in the UK. This allows me to get mobile broadband most places in the UK for very little money (about £10 for 3Gb) and the unit allows up to 5 devices to connect via wifi simultaneously so it works for our...
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    Do all Airport Express do Airplay?

    I want to stream music from my iPad (2) to various stereos in the house.... are old AE (with latest firmware upgrades) capable of this?
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    Stream iTunes from iPad 2.....

    Hey mrjaffa, who did you buy the AE from?
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    Using calendar from Gmail with Ipad?

    No I'm not using the gMail app, just the built in calendar on all the devices. Have a look at this.......... it's what I used. There's a couple of hoops to jump through but once done it's great. We can now add/edit any of the 4 calendars from my work pc, my hackintoch netbook, either of the...
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    Just copied a DVD and the file size is...

    I did the conversion on a XP box. I used DVD43 to decrypt the DVD on the fly while Handbrake did the conversion. DVD43 simply needs installing and then it runs automatically when needed in the background. I also have VLC installed - I'm not sure if that's needed. Thanks for the file size info...
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    Just copied a DVD and the file size is...

    1.2gb (for about a 1.30min dvd). I used handbrake with the iPad preset and switched off the 'large file' option. Does this sound about right? I'd like smaller file sizes if they still looked OK.
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    Using calendar from Gmail with Ipad?

    Yep, I have 4 gmail calendars (wife, mine, 2 x kids) syncing with our Ipad 2 which generally sits on its case/stand in the kitchen. Come down in the morning and with two taps we can all see what we're doing/school lessons/kit needed/etc. for that day. Frankly it's brilliant - I've never been so...
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    Accessing Pictures on Amazon Cloud

    Just a bit pricey to buy more space, but defo an option. I'll have a play with it.
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    Accessing Pictures on Amazon Cloud

    Hi, Got my first iPad last week and loving the experience so far. As I could only afford a 16gb I'm wondering whether I can store my photos (about 12gb) on Amazon Cloud and use something to run a slide show from here rather than putting the pictures on my iPad. I've got fileBrowser but not sut...