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  1. Tassiecelt

    Work orders for tradesmen

    I've been using an app called noteshelf for sometime this is to replace my paper worksheets for use on site gathering information at a job from a client that allows me to create a worksheet and photographs take notes, measurements details et cetera. Noteshelf differs from other apps in that it...
  2. Tassiecelt

    Dictation Tips and Tricks

    "new paragraph" also works
  3. Tassiecelt

    Case For iPad3 Suggestions ?

    I use the Cygnett case, have done for ipad2 and the new iPad, the quality it great with them.
  4. Tassiecelt

    New member & looking for ideas on how to use iPad in business. Love business forum

    For me it's ... Evernote, for recording and keeping everything. Note shelf, for handwritten worksheets. Timemaster for timing every job I work on.
  5. Tassiecelt

    Scrapbook App

    I would suggest Evernote, it's free and really useful.
  6. Tassiecelt

    The New iPad

    I would say yes, if you love the iPad and it's important to you, and if you can afford it.
  7. Tassiecelt

    Moving to The Dark Side.... thinking of getting an IPAD, but have reservations.

    If I had an android and then saw the new iPad, I would smash it also :) I cannot speak more highly of the iPad, I had and ipad2 for a year and still believe the upgrade was worthwhile. I use the iPad all day everyday, at work, at home, at church, on the road, on holiday.....everywhere.
  8. Tassiecelt

    Screen protector or no?

    Absolutely, I have an all round clear protector, thankfully the skins arrived the same day as the iPad because I wouldn't even look at it without protection. I also use the Cygnett folding case, they a really nice.
  9. Tassiecelt

    Anyone feel that ipad3 battery dropping faster than ipad2?

    Much the same usage for me, but it does take much longer to charge. Maybe the battery seems to deplete quicker because in fact we are using the new iPad much more....cos it's so fantastic.
  10. Tassiecelt

    iPad 2 VS iPad 3

    I didn't need to change from 2 to 3, but I did, and I'm happy about that. I sold my ipad2 for $300 put that toward the $900 cost of the wifi 3G (not 4g) 64gb and for me it was worth it. Love the camera, the screen, the speed. Everything works, except the Cygnett case which no longer shut the...
  11. Tassiecelt

    Informant HD: Cannot Create Appt/Event

    I've some some problems also with this app. I emailed them to say I wanted a refund, but I did get a reply asking what the issues are and how they could help resolve them. I might be worth a try for you.
  12. Tassiecelt

    iPad 3 impression...sorely disappointed!

    I thought the same when I bought it, then I realized I was looking at apps that had not been optimized for ipad3
  13. Tassiecelt

    Apple Announces iBooks 2 for iPad at Educational Event

    Nor Australia...pretty useless download.
  14. Tassiecelt

    Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.

    What an incredible man, I will never forget him.
  15. Tassiecelt

    Anyone carry their ipad with them everywhere all day?

    Yes, mine is with me 24/7 At home and work on wifi, out and about with iPhone hotspot, at church using Olive Tree Bible, taking notes and orders using Noteshelf. I bought a Pacsafe bag which carries the iPad well and securely. Hardly use my MacBook any more.
  16. Tassiecelt

    What is your favourite iPad app?

    I like apps that help in my work. Noteshelf MacJournal TimeMaster Things Dropbox Mystuff2
  17. Tassiecelt

    Not a single decent calendar app?

    I like Week Cal HD on the iPad, nice blocks of Colour without being big and sikly, nice gestures and quick entry. I think it's what iCal should have been.
  18. Tassiecelt

    Writing on the ipad

    I've been looking for one to meet my needs, want custom templates, photo import and annotations with export to dropbox. So far the best I have found is Noteshelf. Just need a stylus now, but the finger works ok.
  19. Tassiecelt

    Ipad question, help please!!!

    Yes, go to settings, general and set the side switch to lock rotation instead of mute.
  20. Tassiecelt

    Talking GPS app?

    Yes there are a few, but I found theyt don't work unless you have a wifi plus 3G iPad.
  21. Tassiecelt

    What other Apple products do you own?

    iPod classic iPod nano iMac 20 " (2 of them) MBP Iphone4 Time capsule 500gb (for sale)
  22. Tassiecelt

    Does Anybody Know of Any Good iPad/iPhone Magazines in the UK?

    I said before that I won't deal with Zinio because of their incessant spam, I never opted to receive it, when I did I unsubscribed and yet it still comes. If you like spam, subscribe to Zinio.
  23. Tassiecelt

    Note taking/organizing app for iPad for typed notes

    You can clip from icab browser to Evernote, I'm rather fond of icab now.I
  24. Tassiecelt

    Does Anybody Know of Any Good iPad/iPhone Magazines in the UK?

    I like the idea of digital magazines on the iPad but I've not found any yet that were not either too costly or available only through Zinio. I did try one copy of a mag through Zinio and afterward kept getting unwanted advertising from them (even though I always decline offers of updates). I...
  25. Tassiecelt

    Favorite Ipad Browser

    I believe Apple make sure that nothing quite compares with safari. Which is why so many keep coming back to it. One issue is being able to make a browser a default browser, eg. It opens a link from an email. Openly safari can do that, apple make sure of it so I am told by atomic support ...
  26. Tassiecelt

    Skype app for iPad with Microsoft ???

    After 20 years of windoze I feel justified in being negative. Switching to Apple was the best thing I've ever done in computing. I don't trust MS, it's that simple.
  27. Tassiecelt

    Charging the ipad

    Wow I didn't know that, thanks so much for telling me.
  28. Tassiecelt

    Charging the ipad

    I guess I'm comparing with iPhone, but...charging the ipad2 seems really slow.
  29. Tassiecelt

    Screen protector preference?
  30. Tassiecelt

    Skype app for iPad with Microsoft ???

    Tell me that is not true! M$ will stuff it up for sure.
  31. Tassiecelt

    Note taking/organizing app for iPad for typed notes

    I bought it but struggle to figure it out, not too intuitive (or I'm dumb)
  32. Tassiecelt

    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    Certainly there is completeness is THREE, interesting thought, but does that make Steve Jobs the creator? Well, he is of Apple anyway. Better not take this one further :)
  33. Tassiecelt

    hello from the UK - newbie here

    Yes well I am from the UK but live in Australia, so I love both places! Better weather here tho.
  34. Tassiecelt

    What did you name your iPad 2?

    I named my dog, but I don't name gadgets or cats.
  35. Tassiecelt

    Since iPad, I now use my computer ____________.

    When I was considering iPad2 I did wonder about what role it would play alongside iMac, MBP and iPhone. I think it's found a place, but the shortcomings of apps like Pages, skype and the lack of Aperture and MYOB means my MBP will not be gathering mothballs. some apps like Things and TimeMaster...
  36. Tassiecelt

    Note taking/organizing app for iPad for typed notes

    Can pages insert a photo from the camera, and insert tables? Correction, Ive found it cannot do any of these things and IMHO is quite a useless app.
  37. Tassiecelt

    Ipad 2 cases

    Mine is a cygnet, very happy with it, bought locally at Harvey Norman about $60
  38. Tassiecelt

    I have converted over to white!!!

    Not a "sin unto death" I hope:)
  39. Tassiecelt

    I have converted over to white!!!

    I bought white too, but frankly, since it lives in a leather cygnet case it make little difference, only a small amount of white is seen.
  40. Tassiecelt

    hello from the UK - newbie here

    Hello from Down under Down Under, I'm new here too but it's a great place to learn.