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  1. BMWrider

    Annoying "pop-ups"

    You understand perfectly! the difference between my PC and my iPad 3 is that, on the PC, you must hover over the link to get the pop-up which can be deleted with the "X". On the iPad, the add pops up randomly while you are on the page. There is no "X" to remove it so you must wait for it to go...
  2. BMWrider

    Annoying "pop-ups"

    Happens on a couple of forums... A random word in the text is suddenly converted to a hyperlink to an app in the App Store. Shortly thereafter a pop-up appears over the hyperlink (obscuring the text) prompting me to download the app. The pop-up disappears after a few seconds and reappears a...
  3. BMWrider

    Pandora Stations

    Thanks. I just deleted a bunch of "one time listens".
  4. BMWrider

    Pandora Stations

    Can someone tell me how to remove stations from Pandora radio?
  5. BMWrider

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Apps that are closed (when you open a different app etc.) typically remain in memory in an inert state unless they are designed to run in the background. Those static apps do not cause an additional battery drain, but can take up valuable memory. "Deleting" them frees up available memory, but...
  6. BMWrider

    What is the best email app for personal email?

    You can create folders in ibisMail.
  7. BMWrider

    Microsoft Office Coming to iOS After March 2013

    There is no app for OpenOffice - I was just wishing.
  8. BMWrider

    Microsoft Office Coming to iOS After March 2013

    I would have OpenOffice (free) on my iPad!
  9. BMWrider

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    It woks fine on my iPad 3. There may be some compatibility problems with earlier iPads.
  10. BMWrider

    Creating a file

    I consider ibisMail to be vastly superior to the stock iPad mail client. You can create file folders that is available off-line.
  11. BMWrider

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    I switched to IbisMail which does have this option. Edit - Select All - Delete
  12. BMWrider

    Printing to a wired printer

    Try Printer Pro. It allows the iPad to communicate wirelessly with the computer which, in turn, sends the document to the attached printer.
  13. BMWrider

    Is my charger broken ?

    Belkin makes a 120 volt six outlet box that plugs into an existing duplex outlet. It has USB ports with enough available current to charge the new iPad. I ought mine from Costco's warehouse.
  14. BMWrider

    The new iOS download: good download experience but the new iOS 6 ..... Ho humm??

    Sounds like you may have a headphone plug problem. Have you tried it with different headphones?
  15. BMWrider

    Batch convert multiple photos into one PDF

    The AVS Image Converter only works on a PC.
  16. BMWrider

    Unknown contact

    That's one reason I relegated Mail to the last menu page and switched to ibisMail.
  17. BMWrider

    Using Mac book, iPhone and now new iPad but mailaccounts are grey and not available??

    Photos taken by the iPad cameras or downloaded via the Camera Connection kit can be deleted by the iPad. Photos loaded from a PC via iTunes can only be deleted by the PC.
  18. BMWrider

    Having trouble trying to delete emails

    I prefer ibisMail. You can select and delete all in the edit mode.
  19. BMWrider

    Adding multiple attachments to email using ipad

    ibisMail supports multiple attachments. I prefer it over the standard iPad mail app for a number of reasons.
  20. BMWrider

    Keyboard issue

    If you do a lot of typing, you should consider getting a small Bluetooth keyboard.
  21. BMWrider

    Ipad 3 charged so long

    I have read in other threads that the battery is not fully charged when it first indicates 100% and you should let it charge for an additional hour. Charging with the iPad off will let it charge faster, but I doubt that it will extend the use time.
  22. BMWrider

    Slate app for iPad

    My favorite is Penultimate. It's available at the app store.
  23. BMWrider

    books and mags

    Use Dropbox. (Dropbox must be installed on both your PC and iPad). Open Dropbox on the PC and drag and drop your book or other document into the Document folder. Open Dropbox on your iPad, open Documents and open the book (it will probably give you a "cannot open" message). Ignore any error...
  24. BMWrider

    Photo Frustration!

    This has been stated in other forums. Your photo file name must be exactly 8 digits long with a 3 digit extension ( before the iPad will recognize it.
  25. BMWrider

    iPad 3 screen warm-up time?

    If the light bleed is caused by adhesive curing, it should go away with time. This was a problem with some early iPad 2's.
  26. BMWrider

    A better email app?

    Check out the latest version of ibisMail. It now works well with Pop accounts and should meet most of your needs.
  27. BMWrider

    ipad3 and ebooks query

    You need the iPad3. It's high resolution display leads the market in sharpness.
  28. BMWrider

    No More "Mail"

    I finally got fed up with the inability to create new folders or delete obsolete/erroneous addresses in Apple Mail. The Mail icon has been moved to the last page and replaced by ibisMail for iPad. Am I wrong to believe that 3rd party apps are usually superior to some native apple apps? Bill
  29. BMWrider

    Email keeps reappearing

    You need to delete the e-mails from the server. Otherwise, they will re-load when you access your in-box.⚡
  30. BMWrider

    Overlay for IPad Pages keyboard

    .....or you could buy a small Bluetooth keyboard.
  31. BMWrider

    Screen protector or no?

    Anti glare screens degrade the image - particularly on the high resolution iPad 3 screen.
  32. BMWrider

    Deleting a Contact

    How do you delete a contact from the Contact app? :rolleyes: Found It! I didn't realize you could scroll up the contact details to access the "Delete" button.
  33. BMWrider

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Thanks. That's much more efficient than my method. I was referring to the on-screen keyboard.
  34. BMWrider

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Deleting lengthy URLs in Safari This may be old news to some experienced users, But rather than using the "back" key to eliminate a long URL, I discovered that you can do a slow double-tap on the URL, choose "Select All" from the pop-up then "Cut". This clears the field for a new entry.☺
  35. BMWrider

    Camera Connection Kit & iPad3: Still Won't Work

    iPad requires (dumb requirement) that photo names be exactly 8 digits with a 3 digit extension - abcdefgh.jpg If you have renamed the photos, only the ones with an 8 digit name will be recognized. The camera kit works fine with my iPad 3.
  36. BMWrider

    New Member

    I justified my purchase of an iPad3 "for business" and discovered it to be the most fun & useful toy I own (motorcycle excepted). I'm in the process of identifying and loading useful apps and hoping that Bill Gates will release an Office app soon. With the availibility of Kindle and Nook apps...