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  1. Hackint0sh814

    My curent screen

    Very nice! :)
  2. Hackint0sh814

    Facebook App with iPad 3 Issues

    I'll give that a try again and see if it helps.
  3. Hackint0sh814

    What should I do

    I haven't noticed this on mine. Did you preorder or pick it up at the store? Maybe it's a bad batch.
  4. Hackint0sh814

    Facebook App with iPad 3 Issues

    Yeah I tried completely closing it. I also tried rebooting since I thought it might have needed after an install. I really was just reaching out to the community to see if anyone else was having the same issue so I'd have some more info before emailing the dev.
  5. Hackint0sh814

    Facebook App with iPad 3 Issues

    I wasn't 100% on where to put this since I didn't see an apps section, but I've had some serious issues with Facebook crashing on my iPad 3. Anyone else having these issues? It mainly seems to happen when I try and comment or like someone's post.
  6. Hackint0sh814

    Is backlight bleeding normal

    If I were you I would contact Apple (either in store or through the website) and get it replaced. Mine doesn't look like that and it definitely looks like a defect.
  7. Hackint0sh814

    Returned New iPad wifi 64 gig for iPad 2 -New iPad was too hot and too heavy!

    I personally haven't noticed ay difference in the heat or weight. I even have mine covered with an Spigen Harmonie case and leather Smart Cover.
  8. Hackint0sh814

    ipad not turning on :(

  9. Hackint0sh814

    No "Not Charging" - New FREE Cydia Tweak

    I'm not sure I would want this. I think I would want to know if it's charging or not no matter where I plug it in.
  10. Hackint0sh814

    How do I download cydia?

    If you still have the file you unzipped to create this folder then all you need to do is right click on it and choose "rename." Change iPad1, to iPad1,1_4.3.3_8J3_Restore.ipsw
  11. Hackint0sh814

    Ipad file browsing

    Just hold off, we're all hoping for an iPad 2 JB soon!
  12. Hackint0sh814

    Restore... Just for the heck of it?

    I have to agree that apps from the "other repos" can be a usual culprit to crashing of the springboard. I do use them sometimes to trial an app out to see if I like it (granted they don't offer a free trial, which most do) but most of them are unreliable and buggy. Glad you got everything fixed...
  13. Hackint0sh814

    Out of solutions... Anyone offer other solutions

    +1 on the reset setting. I would give it awhile to run though because my experience with this is that it took an extremely long time! I can add though that this will wipe out any jailbreak and bring your iPad to factory. After you so this I would try connecting it to your PC's and see if it...
  14. Hackint0sh814

    What advantages will I get by jailbreaking my iPad?

    I think this would absolutely kill your battery life as well. Maybe not with flash drives, but a mechanical external HDD. I could this significantly cutting down the operational time on the battery.
  15. Hackint0sh814

    Apple's 'Retail 2.0' overhaul launches first in Australia

    Are there still shortages on iPad 2's? If I were a customer and have been waiting to get one and I walked into an Apple store and there was one next to every demo Macbook Pro, iMac, iPhone, iPod, etc. I would be extremely pissed! :mad:
  16. Hackint0sh814

    Safari-like Tabs for iPad With Terra Browser

    Still not back in the App Store yet. I'm looking forward to trying this since I haven't found a browser that full fits my needs yet.
  17. Hackint0sh814

    Would you pay for the iPad 2 jailbreak?

    I would, but this will never happen. The Dev Team is extremely pro open source and frown upon any monetary gain for jailbreaks.
  18. Hackint0sh814

    Is there a way to get VLC Media Player to play MP3 files?

    Isn't there a better app to use for MP3s than VLC? I'm not even sure I'd want to make that the default even if I could IMHO.
  19. Hackint0sh814

    iPad camera connection kit + ifile- is lower voltage ok with sd cards.

    +1 on the AVplayerHD. I've got a 64GB iPad and I still use my 16GB microSD card for storing movies and watching them.
  20. Hackint0sh814

    Is it really worth it?

    Bricking your iDevice via software jailbreak is virtually impossible. I think the posters above were right, anytime people have an issue and don't know how to restore they assume it's "bricked."
  21. Hackint0sh814

    Saving SHSH with TU- How long does it take?

    Good call! :)
  22. Hackint0sh814

    iPad camera connection kit + ifile- is lower voltage ok with sd cards.

    I've used my CCK with at least a dozen different SD cards, even a microSD with SD adapter and never had one not work. I think you'll de fine no matter what type or size SD you use.
  23. Hackint0sh814

    HELP!! MyWi connection

  24. Hackint0sh814

    Saving SHSH with TU- How long does it take?

    I would just close TU and retry.
  25. Hackint0sh814

    HELP!! MyWi connection

    I still think we need to know on why you can't upgrade your iPad. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  26. Hackint0sh814

    Saving SHSH with TU- How long does it take?

    I have to agree it should take a minute or less depending on connection and server load.
  27. Hackint0sh814

    IPAD 2 jailbreak 4.3

    They obviously would have the skills, but if it were me I would like someone to verify my work before I released it to the public. It would be extremely embarrassing to release something and not have it work.
  28. Hackint0sh814

    Very confused after upgrade 4.3.3 before Jailbreak

    My first question would be did you sync with iTunes or do a backup after you placed all your apps into your folders. When you restore from a backup it uses the last one that was created, so if you never backed up after you created all your folders and then restored your settings via a backup...
  29. Hackint0sh814

    Overclocking iPad1

    FakeClockUp and Speed Intensifier don't overclock the iPad, it's just an illusion to make it seem like it's faster with faster taps and things. iOverclock is the only really true oveclocking app I know of.
  30. Hackint0sh814

    All music and videos disappeared

    My first suggestion would be a reboot. Hold down the home and power buttons together for 10 secs. If that doesn't work have you installed any new Cydia apps or tweaks lately?
  31. Hackint0sh814

    IPAD 2 jailbreak 4.3

    I'm sorry, but I'm going with the realistic option #2. If p0sixninja and GeoHot haven't found one yet I don't think it's been found. I know there's hackers out there not a part of the official JB scene, but don't you think they would have consulted them just to make sure everything was kosher...
  32. Hackint0sh814

    How likely am I to get an ipad 2 in the US at the end of the month?!!!

    I have to agree. I would call ahead to any Apple stores if you plan on trying to get one from there. I've seen locally here in NY Target, Walmart, and Best Buy having a pretty consistent stock of both 3G and WiFi models.
  33. Hackint0sh814

    Last pass iPad browser - not bad

    I prefer LastPass just for the fact that it works on any computer including Windows which I'm forced to used everyday at work. :(
  34. Hackint0sh814

    Favorite Accessories?

    I def have to agree with the Zagg Mate keyboard case, but I would get the Logitech version of it (which I have) because I've read it's constructed better. I would recommend getting something to protect the back though since there's zero protection for the back with the keyboard case. I'm using a...
  35. Hackint0sh814

    Dont go onto "free internet"

    Just do all three stated above to be safe... -Rename SSID and change default password -Use WPA2 -Don't broadcast SSID That's pretty much the best you can get without enterprise level hardware. You could also MAC address filter but that might be getting a little too technical for most people.
  36. Hackint0sh814

    iPad 2 Jailbreak FIGHT!

    I don't care who does it first as long as it comes soon! :)