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  1. Project37

    iPad 3 camera (both rear+front) not working

    Sounds like the camera connectors must have come loose from the fall. I would first try the following. Hook up your iPad to your iTunes. Right click on your iPad listed on the left column in iTunes and click on transfer purchases. Now right click again and click on backup. Go over to the top...
  2. Project37

    Printing from ipad 3

    I use the following software on my PC so that I can print wireless from iPad or iPhone. Check out the below link:
  3. Project37

    Transferring music to ipad3

    If the music you have in your iTunes accounts were purchased from iTunes then the music files will be copyright protected. If this is the case you can still convert all of the music in your iTunes to MP3 so that you can transfer them to another computer. High light all of your music files and...
  4. Project37

    Cracked Screen Question

    You will have no problems using your iPad as is with the cracks in it. The touch screen that is cracked is separate from the LCD display and so will not effect the display. Once you have the money you could replace the touch screen only yourself. There are numerous write ups to be found that...
  5. Project37

    How to sync from iPad to iTunes (not iTunes to iPad)?

    Read the second post in the following thread. This will work so that the apps stay the way you have them setup on your 2 iPads.
  6. Project37

    Connecting iPad2 to smart SamsungTV

    Give this thread a read as well.
  7. Project37

    Can no longer transfer photos from pc to ipad

    Glad it got sorted out. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  8. Project37

    Changing iTunes Library

    If you do it the way I posted you should have no problems and it will not mess up your wife's apps. Have a great weekend Mike. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  9. Project37

    Mirror to multiple ipads at once?

    Give this apple support thread a read: Sent from my iPad using iPF
  10. Project37

    Can no longer transfer photos from pc to ipad

    Almost sounds like the PC is missing some sort of codex that it uses to recognize the iPad. Did you recently do some updates on your PC. Try to reboot your PC to finalize any updates and then try to transfer the photos again. Also look to see if there are any warnings on your computer in the...
  11. Project37

    networking and name resolution

    When you are on the specific IP address viewing it from Safari on your iPad press the arrow right button towards the top left of the screen to make a bookmark or send the page to your home screen. When you do this you have the option to rename the page to what ever you like. If you save them...
  12. Project37

    Sync via WiFi?

    With the wifi sync it will sync when you have your iPad hooked up to a power supply and your iTunes is open. This is assuming your computer is on the same wifi network that your iPad is connected to. I have mine setup that way so that I don't have to hook the iPad up to my pc via the data...
  13. Project37

    Changing iTunes Library

    If you are both on the same iTunes account then open iTunes and hook up your wife's iPad to your Mac. I use the PC version so I am not 100% sure on this part but right click on your wife's iPad listed on the left column of iTunes and press on transfer purchases. Also right click and back up...
  14. Project37

    Photo troubles

    I do not have a Mac but I do use iTools on my PC and it works great for copying media from the iPad to your computer. I see they have a version for the Mac so give this a try. Download and install on your Mac and then install. Hook up your old iPad 1 to the Mac and in iTools you can go to...
  15. Project37

    An error occurred while downloading ios 6??? Please help!!!

    Sounds like you have an Internet problem. Try unplugging your router and wireless modem and then plug them back in so that they reboot. Might help in your case. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  16. Project37

    App Store

    Have you gone into settings, iTunes and App Store and then check your account settings? Maybe the country settings are not matching your current location? Maybe try to log out of your account and then log back in. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  17. Project37

    Connecting iPad 3 to Smart TV

    Samsung TV Media Player HD appears to be a free app that should do what you are after. Do a search in the App Store as it is free. I have not used it myself as I do not have a Samsung TV so please post your finding after you try it out. Good luck. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  18. Project37

    Can I transfer webpages saved using the Offline Pages app ?

    Sorry I just noticed that you are not using Safari to do bookmarks. I am not 100% sure but you could try installing iTools on your computer and see if it will let you copy the saved files from the iPad 1 to your computer. Then you could hook up your iPad 3 to the computer and use iTools to...
  19. Project37

    Can I transfer webpages saved using the Offline Pages app ?

    You could go to settings, iCloud and enable Safari on both units so that the bookmarks are synced between both devices. This is assuming both your devices are on the same account and iCloud is enabled on both devices. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  20. Project37

    Problem with Screen rotation

    Press the home button twice and then swipe to the right to open the control panel as pictured in the lower part of the screen shot. The gray box at the bottom left of the screen shot is for locking and unlocking the screen rotation. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  21. Project37

    undo jailbreak on ipad 5.1.1

    Hook up your iPad to your pc or Mac that is running iTunes. Right click on your iPad listed on iTunes and back it up & transfer all purchases. Once done click on restore to put your iPad back to non-jailbreak and it should also install the new iOS 6. Then you can restore from your backup so...
  22. Project37

    Me again. Album artwork not showing up in iTunes on iPad

    Glad to hear you got it sorted out. It bugs me when he artwork does not show for my song library as well. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  23. Project37

    itunes streaming from pc to ipad2 wireless over home network

    Glad to here that your have the home sharing sorted out now. In regards to printing you will need a wifi printer that is supported by Apple AirPrint but that is a very small list of printers that are supported. You can do a Google search to see what printers are supported to see if you are one...
  24. Project37

    iTunes problem and jailbreak questions..

    Try to do a hard reset by holding down the "home" button and "power" button at the same time until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears. Let the iPad boot up and then see if iTunes will connect to your iPad. In regards to your warranty you will be fine provided you restore your...
  25. Project37

    itunes streaming from pc to ipad2 wireless over home network

    This is the Apple Remote app. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  26. Project37

    itunes streaming from pc to ipad2 wireless over home network

    Download the Apple Remote app from the app store. With iTunes running on your PC you will need to insure you "turn on home sharing" under the advanced settings tab in iTunes. Once done you can access all your iTunes media on the iPad via the Apple Remote app provided your PC and iPad are on...
  27. Project37

    12/28v charging for ipad3

    You got that right!! Hope you have yourself a great weekend. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  28. Project37

    12/28v charging for ipad3

    Sorry about that. You are correct that the iPads all take 10 watt charger. This is my first iPad so all my old chargers were for iPhone and iPod that used 5 watt so I just took it for granted that the older iPads also used a 5 watt. Thanks for the clarification. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  29. Project37

    Two annoying bugs--I assume

    I cannot comment on your first problem as I only have a WiFi iPad. You might want to give this Apple discussion a read in regards to your email thou: Sent from my iPad using iPF
  30. Project37

    12/28v charging for ipad3

    The older iPads and iPhones used a 5 watt charger but the iPad 3 uses a 10 watt charger. If you pick up a new car charger for the new iPad 3 with 10 watt supply you can also use it for any older iPads or iPhones thou. If you leave the iPad 3 plugged into your old iPad 2 car charger it will...
  31. Project37

    Apps store

    Are you using a WiFi only iPad or iPad with 3G? If you are using the WiFi iPad then it could be a weak WiFi signal from your home wireless router. In the top left of your iPad screen you will see your WiFi signal strength. I normally have 2 - 3 bars in my house and thus a good strong signal...
  32. Project37

    iPad APPS saving on Windows PC question.

    You need to have iTunes installed on your pc and then yes you can have a copy of all your apps on the pc. You can share these apps with your kids or any of your apple devices provided the pc iTunes and all you apple devices all share the same account. When you hook any of your devices to the...
  33. Project37

    Stream videos from mac to iPad ?

    I use Air Media Center to stream my movies and videos from the PC to my iPad. I have it setup on my router with an open port so that I can access via the Internet when away from the house or via wifi when at home. This does involve leaving your computer on while you are away from home but the...
  34. Project37

    iPad3 Video Formats ?

    Do a search on airplayit. It would stream your video from a pc or Mac to your iPad so you don't have to convert the video format. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  35. Project37

    Display on TV

    If you want wireless display then the Apple TV 3rd generation would be you best and cheapest option. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  36. Project37

    Pane Freeze

    Glad it worked out. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  37. Project37

    Ipad movies

    Google Edited by Moderator - reference to pirate site removed as it is a web based site to stream tv and some movies for free on your iPad. There are other options but they normally require a jailbreak. Cheers... Sent from my iPad using iPF
  38. Project37

    Pane Freeze

    Try doing a reboot of your iPad. Hold down the home button and power button at the same time till the iPad powers down and the Apple logo shows. Let it restart and then try your email. Sent from my iPad using iPF
  39. Project37

    Me again. Album artwork not showing up in iTunes on iPad

    Do you have all of your music stored on a Mac or pc in your iTunes? If so check in iTunes to see if the artwork is there for the 2 songs you are having trouble with. If the album artwork is not on your iTunes library then right click on the song and have iTunes get album artwork for you...
  40. Project37

    Help, lost movie!!!!!

    The movie purchase is linked to you iTunes account so you can download it again to your iPad without being charged again. If you want it on your laptop as well then you need to download purchases made to your account in iTunes on the laptop. Sent from my iPad using iPF