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  1. SquiderDragon

    I would like to tell you how iPads changed my lifestyle.

    It depends. You really need any half decent broadband. I assume very people these days are left on dial up. You need a pc or mac to got content onto the iPad but not necessarily a connection although with the iCloud future and cloud computing in general being the main direction a decent online...
  2. SquiderDragon

    The New iPad Case Review - Otterbox Defender Case

    Yes I had heard that about old model. I had the original OBD for iPad 1 and was very happy with it. I wanted to have the new OBD for day of release of new iPad which I had on pre order. I actually had ordered what turned out to be the old iPad 2 version but cancelled that. Had to pre order...
  3. SquiderDragon

    Moving to The Dark Side.... thinking of getting an IPAD, but have reservations.

    Try AVPlayerHD on apps store. Plays just about any format, no need for conversion. You just need to download app and then use iTunes via apps to load up your vids to the app. As an alternate to stream from your laptop try VLCStreamer. Here you also need a simple free download onto your laptop...
  4. SquiderDragon

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Happy birthday in advance! I bet though you will not wait until then for the unwrapping LoL. SquiderDragon
  5. SquiderDragon

    Moving to The Dark Side.... thinking of getting an IPAD, but have reservations.

    Hi, after a bit of investigation there is an app for iPad called VLC streamer. There is a free version or a very reasonable £1.69 for full. It also directs for a download on either mac or PC. I have tried this out with both mkv and mov files. Works perfectly - will start to stream fairly...
  6. SquiderDragon

    Moving to The Dark Side.... thinking of getting an IPAD, but have reservations.

    I cannot really comment on streaming to iPad but its an interesting idea. I convert mkv format with handbrake of direct consumption and it is an amazing experience! However as I tend to consume content when away and would stream from home to my Samsung TV via Xbox 360 and laptop / external drive...
  7. SquiderDragon

    A case of the [3]

    Otterbox defender! It has 2 positions for landscape (viewing movies and typing) and can also be used in portrait but this is quite vertical (not angled) but works. AS far as fitting goes this thing fits like a glove (on new iPad). It also has the auto sleep function built into the front cover...
  8. SquiderDragon

    New iPad - random quits from some apps

    Cheers! I will monitor but think it will be an isolated incident - if not will check out at a genius bar as suggested. SquiderDragon.
  9. SquiderDragon


    Kevin, I get your pain re scratch. Annoying. I had the new Otterbox Defender on same day as new iPad arrived so it was inserted from BNIB to the OBD case. I also had a 'phobia' about screen scratches / protection and for my original iPad I had screen protectors. To be honest you maybe have to...
  10. SquiderDragon

    Cannot download apps/music etc onto new IPad

    I had something similar but with iTouch (gen 3) not the iPad (either original iPad or new iPad). When I researched on net I found a fix which involves downloading any utility that allows you to look at the files on the device from explorer. There is a related folder that keeps a track of...
  11. SquiderDragon

    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    Infinity Blade II is a must! Also Soul Calibur. Is worth checking out as its identical to the original Dreamcast version pretty much which was jaw dropping in its day. Also look for HD apps - there are updates coming out for retina display e.g. Monopoly HD just upgraded and it looks beautiful...
  12. SquiderDragon

    New iPad - random quits from some apps

    Hi, with my original iPad 1 and after the ios 5.1 upgrade in particular I sometimes had the occurrence of apps simply 'quiting' for no reason. Via the iPad forums board I picked up that memory shortage was probably the case and a reset would resolve the issue. One of the upgrades with new iPad...
  13. SquiderDragon

    Would you ditch your eReader for the iPad?

    Similar experience. I had the Sony PRS-505 which is a great e-ink reader before original iPad and read dozens of books on it. However when iPad released and a strong desire to read comics in colour (they do work on e-readers but b&w only) amongst other things I bought one. Since then near...
  14. SquiderDragon

    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    Good choice of case. I have exactly the same experience with my iPad 64. Sweet isn't it! There are a lot of tasty games coming out that will run beautifully on the 1Gb A5x chip. SquiderDragin.
  15. SquiderDragon

    Work, Knowledge and Art

    Just caught a documentary by Simon Armitage who is a poet and gadget freak. His documentary was entitled "Upgrade Me" and reasons for the trend. As an upgrader to new iPad from the original (skipped iPad 2) it got me thinking of my own personal reason. As content is king (but also function and...
  16. SquiderDragon

    Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers Announced for iPad

    Excellent news. Love this game on XBOX 360 and have had from the original and 2012 update. Great to see some exciting new game apps coming to iPad over the impressive list already. This and Baldur's Gate coming this summer. Definitely the platform of choice for A1 mobile gaming! SquiderDragon
  17. SquiderDragon

    The New iPad Case Review - Otterbox Defender Case

    Yes had this beauty from day 1. Shipped to UK and arrived on day of launch for new iPad. SquiderDragon
  18. SquiderDragon

    Is a better screen really worth £700?

    Hi yes sorted with handbrake and DVDFab HD Decrypter. I am having my first tryout with "The Next 3 Days". Cheers SquiderDragon
  19. SquiderDragon

    How much space is left on your device?

    I have 64Gb and running with 2.8Gb free!! Breakdown for reference:- Video 15.6Gb (38 videos) Music 12.6Gb (1,980 tracks) Comic Zeal 5.4Gb (400+ comics) 159 Apps 903 Photos iBooks (150+) Squider Dragon
  20. SquiderDragon

    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    Yes I made the jump from iPad 1 to the new iPad. Very pleased I did. First time around it was a second hand iPad I bought - it was maybe about 5 months after the initial launch. Prior to that I have bought a Sony eReader as I am a big reader and was happy with it having at that point read dozens...
  21. SquiderDragon

    iPad 2 VS iPad 3

    My sentiments exactly as this was my move. There is definately something to be had for having patience to wait for a 2 gen upgrade. I can understand possibly the reason to question and ponder the iPad 2 to new iPad upgrade - yes the screen is excellent - and maybe the upgraded camera on top is a...
  22. SquiderDragon

    iPad 3 Cases ???

    Actually found for me with new Ipad OBD case it works the opposite way - i.e. as expected so with the iPad in portrait mode and with the home button at bottom / facetime camera at top - the sleep / wake functions when the OBD front shield is applied with the OtterBox logo at the bottom and thus...
  23. SquiderDragon

    iPad 3 Cases ???

    Yes I purchased one the day before the new iPad arrived which was on launch day. I had the defender case for the original iPad and had been very happy with it so was looking specifically for the new iPad defender case. One improvement from iPad 1 design is the new iPad case has an integral...
  24. SquiderDragon

    Now that ive had my new iPad for a while...

    I have Zinio and don't see this issue. For me the magazine will open ay the last page. I also have a free magazone sub via Newsdesk but have not tried that as yet. I assume though this will be the same - I will check later and repost. But don't have this issue for Zinio for multiple mags - each...
  25. SquiderDragon

    "Enter Passcode/ Wrong Passcode" Is Preventing Me From Using My iPad3

    If this is a genuine password issue also may be best to remove password for now until you can get to the Apple store. As long as you have 'physical' custody of your iPad at all times it should not be a massive issue you cannot password protect it. But as TH advises best to get this checked out...
  26. SquiderDragon

    Is a better screen really worth £700?

    Hi, not something I have tried but would like to. Can you let me know the basics and what utilities I would need to have. Also after conversion do you upload to device via iTunes followed by sync or another method? Thanks SquiderDragon
  27. SquiderDragon

    Is a better screen really worth £700?

    Good Point! Most of the vids and films are avi conversions so lo res. I do have some that are at 720p and yes they take room. Yes obviously the 720p rez is much more impressive and as yet I have not had 1080p to try. As per usual with content sourcing and buying the sexier hi rez content tends...
  28. SquiderDragon

    Is a better screen really worth £700?

    Like a lot of responders on here I do not get the argument for a massive drive. I also enjoy getting hold of the max available storage space. However with 64Gb I can have a fantastic range of music, photos, apps and films / tv shows. When there is enough mixed content available on any device to...
  29. SquiderDragon

    Pictures of Plain White Wallpaper on iPad-3 !

    Yes I confirmed this but was not 'aware' of it previously. I have from another post the 8 primary colour backgrounds - a handy way of checking for dead pixels. I note with all of these single colour backgrounds e.g. white, green, red, blue, cyan etc that the "software" shader is applied - thus...
  30. SquiderDragon

    Anyone buy a grifin survivor case for new ipad yet?

    I assume you bought the iPad 2 Otterbox defender then. They have released a version for the new iPad which is also compatible with iPad2. This is an awesome case. It has a built in screen protector (rather than the annoying and difficult to add peel and apply ones) and it has a full clip on...
  31. SquiderDragon

    How do I SYNC perfectly?

    Sounds like a plan. As long as you had your query resolved!
  32. SquiderDragon

    How do I SYNC perfectly?

    I think this may be a library issue with change of the iTunes version. Are you having problems opening iTunes after latest installation? As long as you have a complete backup the actual content for both should be preserved in the backups. I have had an issue recently where updating to latest...
  33. SquiderDragon

    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    I have not had any of the reported issues to date :). No isues with wifi signal at different locations (home / work) compared to my iPad 1. its too early for me to comment on the battery duration. I have just gone through my first 100% decharge back to 100% charge. I probably agree the charge...
  34. SquiderDragon

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Yes very much agree as I am also going from original iPad to the new iPad. I think there is something to be said for having patience to 'wait' for odd number upgrades. You end up with such a bigger difference - I loved my old iPad and getting the new iPad on 'release' day via pre order was just...
  35. SquiderDragon

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Woo Hoo! New iPad is in my hands. I was also lucky that the new defender case for New iPad arrived yesterday. As I went for the whire new iPad the slight white border that remains when encased creates a noce effect. I have been an otterbox defender fan since having one for my 3rd gen iTouch and...
  36. SquiderDragon

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Shipping info on tracking now - moving from Birmingham and out for delivery. It's going to be as advertised for delivery on 16th. One more day YaY!
  37. SquiderDragon

    What have your named your iPad?

    Celly :) at least you don't have to remember which is which haha.
  38. SquiderDragon

    What have your named your iPad?

    Apple Support - Product Nicknames Hi, just discovered recently the Apple Support Profile and ability to assign a nickname to your devices. I am curious if a) people are aware of this and b) what are typical choices for nicknames. It seems the nickname can only be up to 5 characters long. I have...
  39. SquiderDragon

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Mine too. That is cool - really obvious too I guess as you are ordering from the store. It still cool to see the actual real life serial no in black and white ... Woo Hoo :).
  40. SquiderDragon

    ipad3 black or white?

    Exactly my approach. Black iPad one so the New iPad on confirmed order will be white. In reality though as both will be contained within an Otterbox defender case its a moot point :).