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  1. Patrizia_NC

    Best IPad Apps?

  2. Patrizia_NC

    Water damage?

    You should be fine. It's not wet enough for rice
  3. Patrizia_NC

    Buy Ipad 3 now or wait till Sept Keynote?

    I would be surprised if a new full size came out this fast., it's unlikely ... However there is speculation on a 7" model
  4. Patrizia_NC

    I-Pad battery

    I've replaced my devices before I ever had to replace a battery
  5. Patrizia_NC

    Engraving ideas

    Mine has our last name and reads "last name " then our first names Established April 2, 1988 So the names and our wedding date is written that way
  6. Patrizia_NC

    Dictation problems

    Used mine tonight ... No issues
  7. Patrizia_NC

    The case of the reappearing feet

    Sounds haunted ... Lol
  8. Patrizia_NC

    Stylus pens

    Bern using various ones for years and have never had a problem
  9. Patrizia_NC

    Should I get a warranty and if so, which one?

    Also best buys is one to avoid
  10. Patrizia_NC

    Should I get a warranty and if so, which one?

    AppleCare.. Do not get another for iPad. You can not beat it for two years, it's not just replacement but tech support as well. Square trade is great for devices but I would not recommend it for Ipad
  11. Patrizia_NC

    Affordable New Ipad Gadget.

    Oh! I never knew you couldn't use links! Thanks
  12. Patrizia_NC

    Where to get New Ipad cases?
  13. Patrizia_NC

    Is this the apple experience?

    You can also get a PRE paid visa or MasterCard at any drug store
  14. Patrizia_NC

    Notification G mail

    Sorry.. What is a sonnerie?
  15. Patrizia_NC

    Screen protector

    Otterbox for me is too bulky
  16. Patrizia_NC

    Screen protector

    I too have the Zagg, have had them on all my iPads. I get it at Best Buy since they will install it free
  17. Patrizia_NC


    Those settings do not exist on iPhone 4
  18. Patrizia_NC

    Organsing and Syncing photo's

    No. Sorry she will have to sort them on her PC ..nothing you can do will sort her PC files for her
  19. Patrizia_NC

    icloud prob

    Are you sure you are checking the right album?
  20. Patrizia_NC

    Sync Notes

    Just FYI it works with AOL accounts as well
  21. Patrizia_NC


    Couldn't get rid of my Tom tom fast enough! Hate that device. Back to Garmin!
  22. Patrizia_NC

    Can't reply to emails

    Sounds like your email is either not set up correctly or your wifi is not a connected
  23. Patrizia_NC


    You passed :)
  24. Patrizia_NC

    Set up problems

    No need to disable location. It's very handy in many apps
  25. Patrizia_NC

    Set up problems

    You need a password, that is what the lock is for. Without it you can't access that wifi network
  26. Patrizia_NC

    Find My iPad - I'm confused!

    My nephews iPhone was stolen tonight and like most teens he had no password protection. He has the app but I had to disable the phone in fear I could end up with a huge bill very fast. It can't find it disabled or off.
  27. Patrizia_NC

    Splashtop desktop remote for ipad

    It's a one time fee
  28. Patrizia_NC

    Splashtop desktop remote for ipad

    I also use it with my iPad and iPhone! It's been a lifesaver when I needed to retrieve a remote document
  29. Patrizia_NC

    What uses my storage

    Run not tin.. Geesh.. Sorry
  30. Patrizia_NC

    iTunes Manager?

    Sorry no
  31. Patrizia_NC

    ipad 3 too much problem?

    No issues here
  32. Patrizia_NC

    What uses my storage

    You can't free it up., it's used to tin the apps and software
  33. Patrizia_NC

    ripped dvd to ipad3

    Just get the Dropbox app on your iPad, I stream movies directly from mine all the time
  34. Patrizia_NC

    Is the iPad too difficult to learn for a 62 year old?

    My mother just turned 73 and we got her one a few months ago and she loves it!! Would recommend it highly
  35. Patrizia_NC

    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    I did and it so worth it!!
  36. Patrizia_NC

    Problems With Utube

    Your iPod is smaller so it is not going to need as much "juice" I have seen it lag on iPad for the reasons I mention. If you play it full screen on your note book I wonder of you have similar issues
  37. Patrizia_NC

    Imessage on a ipad3

    What do you mean by message part?
  38. Patrizia_NC

    Problems With Utube

    His email was probably in his signature line. I would get to worked up over it. As far as YouTube it sounds to me like a weak connection. Sometimes the video does take a while to load. But if it's longer then normal your signal may not be able to support it.
  39. Patrizia_NC

    ipad not connecting help

    Have you rebooted your router? Many times that helps
  40. Patrizia_NC

    Turning off ipad2

    Apple only charges for 3G not wifi