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  1. D_LA_ROC

    Portrait or Landscape?

    Landscape all the way! I have big hands so Landscape just feels right to me. But I've talked to several people on Twitter who prefer Portrait. I've had three iPads so far and have never used portrait unless I absolutely had too.
  2. D_LA_ROC

    First time Apple owner- IPad Vs. Pad 2 for business question

    Ive had both iPads and the iPad1 would crash often when i had too many apps running. I would be in the middle of something in an app and all of a sudden it would close and send me back to the homescreen. The iPad2 hardly ever does this. The iPad2 is twice as fast. It boots up alot faster than...
  3. D_LA_ROC

    LS Qclock for iPad - Winterboard Lockscreen Theme

    Nice! iLoveMyiPad2!
  4. D_LA_ROC

    noki.iPad - winterboard

    It was a hit theme on the iPhone and now its come to the iPad! noki.iPad brings you a very clean white theme that looks incredible. It comes with loading screens and an animated lockscreen that works in both, portrait and landscape modes!! This is the first ive seen like this. Most animated...
  5. D_LA_ROC

    iNitsua Z Twilight 3volution iPad - Winterboard

    I think so. There will probably be UIsounds, an animated lockscreen too. Im using the sounds from the iPhone version, which is probably what the iPad version will use. :) iLoveMyiPad2!
  6. D_LA_ROC

    iNitsua Z Twilight 3volution iPad - Winterboard

    This theme is great on the iPhone and now it has come to the iPad and it looks amazing! It comes with 3 different icon sets, an sbsettings theme, many wallpapers and a custom loading screen. Im sure there will be very many add-ons in the near future! This theme was originally created by...
  7. D_LA_ROC

    Heres some of my great iPad wallies..

    Sorry It's been a while, but here are some more great iPad wallpapers!! iLoveMyiPad2!
  8. D_LA_ROC

    A Uinique iPad Theme by subywrex - Winterboard

    I've been following @Subywrex since before he released this theme for the iPad and he never once updated it after it was released. I Don't know why, but what really makes me mad is in the description in Cydia, he says "IT DOESN'T STOP HERE, Updates and Mods to come" and he hypes it up. I asked...
  9. D_LA_ROC

    illumineHaz3 HD [iPad] - Winterboard

    Thanks!! Does this work with other themes or only IllumineHaz3? iLoveMyiPad2!
  10. D_LA_ROC

    TIPS AND TRICKS - for those of us who don't know!

    Hold your finger down on the sentence and you should get the looking glass (or magnifying lens) pop up and you can move the cursor where needed. My friend has an android and I showed him that on my iPhone and it blew his mind away! Lol iLoveMyiPad2!
  11. D_LA_ROC

    Blaze iPad Theme - Winterboard

    Wow, I can't wait to put "Elite Pro for iPad" on here! Just got it today but I can't show until it released, but it's definitely my new favorite iPad theme! Even better than imPulse! iLoveMyiPad2!
  12. D_LA_ROC

    Blaze iPad Theme - Winterboard

    If you have iAcces set up already, the keyboard should be there once you activate the main theme in winterboard. Tap the globe on your keyboard. iLoveMyiPad2!
  13. D_LA_ROC

    Blaze iPad Theme - Winterboard

    I'd try re-installing it and then respringing, if it doesn't already. Or try setting it to what you want and then respringing and see if it works then.
  14. D_LA_ROC

    Blaze iPad Theme - Winterboard

    I like using the landscape one. I hope in the future, themers will figure out how to get the widget to rotate on the homescreen of the iPad. That would be great! iLoveMyiPad2!
  15. D_LA_ROC

    inPulse for iPad (Winterboard)

    Thank you for sharing these! This theme is definitely my favorite and the one I'm using right now. I like how it's so clean and comes with nice wallpapers and it doesn't hardly take up any RAM. iLoveMyiPad2!
  16. D_LA_ROC

    Blaze iPad Theme - Winterboard

    blAze iPad Theme is a different and unique orange theme. It comes with 2 weather widgets: portrait and landscape, sbsettings theme, loading screens and animated lockscreen. The music player looks real nice and It also comes with a very nice themed keyboard, but you need iAcces HD from Cydia...
  17. D_LA_ROC

    Buy or Wait ?

    Buy it! Just like someone else posted, as soon as the 3 comes out, you'll be hearing about the 4. iLoveMyiPad2!
  18. D_LA_ROC

    iPad owners average age

    31 and neither do I! Lol iLoveMyiPad2!
  19. D_LA_ROC

    Get official facebook app for iPad! (jailbreak required)

    Where?? I seen a link but no one actually said what to install..........and it looks like the link was removed.... ;) iLoveMyiPad2!
  20. D_LA_ROC

    An enjoyable role playing game for the ipad 2?

    A Great online RPG is "Order & Chaos Online". The first 3 months are free and included with 6.99 price. It's a Universal app so it will work on the iPad and iPhone or iPod touch. You can do quest with friends and strangers or by yourself. Pretty good game for mobile! iLoveMyiPad2!
  21. D_LA_ROC

    Get official facebook app for iPad! (jailbreak required)

    Install "FaceForward" in Cydia and it will work. iLoveMyiPad2!
  22. D_LA_ROC

    SmokeyHaz3-HD iPad - Winterboard

    It themed almost all my icons except a few Cydia apps but it comes with a PSD file and I think that includes stuff to make your own in Photoshop. iLoveMyiPad2!
  23. D_LA_ROC

    Heres some of my great iPad wallies..

    Sorry i havn't updated in a week. I've been very busy.. Heres 15 more great iPad Wallpapers!: iLoveMyiPad2!
  24. D_LA_ROC

    SmokeyHaz3-HD iPad - Winterboard

    Another great iPad theme from @iHaz3, "SmokeyHaz3-HD iPad" is a huge theme with much customization. It comes with a dozen different add-ons to make it either a light theme or a dark theme!! Included with it are wallpapers, photo widget lockscreen, SBsettings theme, weather widget, and much much...
  25. D_LA_ROC

    Buuf4iPad "BabaBuufey" - Winterboard

    LoL! I finally figured that out and rushed here to post it and seen you already did! Thanks. It gives you icon names for everything except the dock, but everyone should know what's in their dock. Lol iLoveMyiPad2!
  26. D_LA_ROC

    Buuf4iPad "BabaBuufey" - Winterboard

    Yes, I have Scrollingboard and that's not it because I uninstall, respring, and there's still no icon names. iLoveMyiPad2!
  27. D_LA_ROC

    Buuf4iPad "BabaBuufey" - Winterboard

    Buuf4iPad "BabaBuufey" is now for the iPad and it's FREE! The theme includes: Custom icon mask, an awesome Animated wallpaper, custom lockscreen, and more. This theme is definitely one of my favorites. Although it doesn't include an SBsettings theme, I had no problem finding a Buuf one in...
  28. D_LA_ROC

    SilverHaz3 HD iPad - Winterboard

    To get the free iPhone version, just search for it in Cydia! Once you buy the iPad version, Cydia will say you purchased the iPhone version as well. :) iLoveMyiPad2!
  29. D_LA_ROC

    Game center friends.

    Don't forget to add me: D_LA_ROC iLoveMyiPad2!
  30. D_LA_ROC

    iPad owners average age

  31. D_LA_ROC

    iPad owners average age

    Its because 55 and older are considered Seniors. I'm 31 and hope to make it there. I will definitely own multiple iPads by then. I will have an iPad in every room, especially the bathroom. ;) iLoveMyiPad2!
  32. D_LA_ROC

    Boxor HD for iPad - Dreamboard

    Lol, you don't find Cydia in the AppStore! You need to Jailbreak your iDevice. If your on 4.3.3, go to in Safari on your iDevice. ;) iLoveMyiPad2!
  33. D_LA_ROC

    SilverHaz3 HD iPad - Winterboard

    Select which ones you want but always make sure you have the main theme checked and below everything else. iLoveMyiPad2!
  34. D_LA_ROC

    It's like my morning newspaper with my hot coffee

    I too, am in love with my iPad2! It's my best friend. :) iLoveMyiPad2!
  35. D_LA_ROC

    AppleTV jailbreak?

    Thank you so much!!! I was hoping there was something like this but wasn't sure what to look for! I only paid 45 bucks for a brand new apple TV so I couldnt pass it up! iLoveMyiPad2!
  36. D_LA_ROC

    EL3MENT iPad - Winterboard

    Words of wisdom: if you really like themes, It's good to get to know the theme creators and modders on Twitter. ;) Edit: the Blue Mod is now in Cydia! iLoveMyiPad2!
  37. D_LA_ROC

    AppleTV jailbreak?

    I have a brand new Apple TV and can't use it because I don't have an HDTV. :/ iLoveMyiPad2!
  38. D_LA_ROC


    I've used Flipboard every day since it was released and never had any crashes ever. It's one of my favorite apps. iLoveMyiPad2!
  39. D_LA_ROC

    A I R iPad - Winterboard

    A I R iPad is a very clean and sharp theme that has a nice blue UI. Everything is themed except the SBsettings but considering this theme is FREE, I don't mind it. Get the Wallpaper and the background for FolderEnhancer here...
  40. D_LA_ROC

    Boxor HD for iPad - Dreamboard

    Yes it does! Look at the last file in the README that says: How to replace BIG icons on Springboard. It tells you how to replace them. iLoveMyiPad2!