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  1. GlenL

    Audiobooks on Ipad?

    There is the Audible app and website that lets you buy and listen to audio books on the iPad.
  2. GlenL

    Which Remote Desktop?

    You have to go to the advanced options menu and enable it. It's not in plain sight.
  3. GlenL

    Public wifi problems

    You have to be careful about certain public wifi networks. Some people will turn on a wifi network named some free Internet name, but what it does is try to log your accesses or hack into your system.
  4. GlenL

    are you a mac or a windows user?

    If you want to learn all the trackpad gestures, you can go to System Preferences -> Trackpad. It will show you videos of all the multi touch gestures available to you. Very handy! Also, if you want to enable one finger window dragging, that setting is now in System Preferences -> Accessibility.
  5. GlenL

    Auto correct

    There's a website where people submit their autocorrect horror/funny stories. I think it's called Damn You Autocorrect.
  6. GlenL

    are you a mac or a windows user?

    What happened to make you mad at Windows? Just curious.
  7. GlenL

    does anyone know any banned app from itunes for security reason?

    I have a different definition of a Dutch oven
  8. GlenL

    Ipad forum question

    Tried to post in IPad forum but it wouldn't let me create a new thread so I'll do it here. Why are some of my subscribed threads with new replies not showing up in my current > participated section on the iPhone/iPad forum app? I did participate in those threads after all but it still doesn't...
  9. GlenL

    Programmer's Joke

    Yay for google
  10. GlenL

    Question regarding iPad apps--

    If there's a website with Flash-only video, you can try various 3rd party browsers like Skyfire, etc (I don't use any so I don't know what's good). Otherwise, theres the YouTube app and you can download Vimeo to watch videos on that website.
  11. GlenL

    Emails merging together

    Darn, I was hoping that would fix it. We'll need more details then. What mail service do you use? Do you know if it's IMAP or POP3? what kind of account did you set it up as on the iPad (Exchange, Gmail, etc)?
  12. GlenL

    Emails merging together

    I have seen this happen once on my iPhone and it was fixed when I rebooted my phone. To do that, hold down the wake/sleep button on top of iPad until it asks you to Slide to Power off. Slide it off and then turn it back on after it shuts down completely. Let me know if that works for you.
  13. GlenL

    10 Ipad 2 Problems?

    Other forum posters say that once they change the wifi router security to WPA2, then their problem is fixed. You might have WEP, which is less secure anyways.
  14. GlenL

    [How To] Sync photos to your iPad with iTunes

    I understand your problem, however I'm not sure if there's a real fix to your problem using the Apple photo gallery. The iPad will recognize your folder structure but only 1 layer of it. It will not recognize subfolders. What you can try is to make all the folder structure at the top level: toys...
  15. GlenL

    10 Ipad 2 Problems?

    Have you tried exchanging it for new unit? Does the device work okay on other wifi networks?
  16. GlenL

    [How To] Sync photos to your iPad with iTunes

    Try looking for a hidden directory (you must enable seeing hidden directories) called IPod Photo Cache and delete that folder if it's in the same directory as your photos. There may be a corrupted photo in that cache directory which is screwing up your import. Apple uses that directory to avoid...
  17. GlenL

    [How To] Sync photos to your iPad with iTunes

    Hi I don't think anybody has figured out how to sort photos in a certain order when importing to the iPad. The best you can do is put them into separate folders by event. I've tried renaming photos and can't seem to get the order the way I want it.
  18. GlenL

    10 Ipad 2 Problems?

    To be honest, I was one of the people that said the iPad 1 sorely needed cameras. Now that I've had the iPad 2 since launch, I probably have taken 3 photos with it. It's just not a photo taking device, and I don't need a badass camera on there. I'd rather it be as slim as it is than have a...
  19. GlenL

    Ipad 2 ratteling noise

    I agree with this. Should not have any noise.
  20. GlenL

    Synch ipad with new itunes and new pc

    People shouldn't consider data on the iPad as a backup copy. The iTunes on your computer is the main and it needs to have a real backup (like onto an external hard drive). People think I'm crazy when I buy three hard drives at a time... But it's times like these....
  21. GlenL


    Which app is that?
  22. GlenL

    iTunes has deleted my apps!?!?

    Okay, here's what I did: I wiped my iPod of all apps (this old iPod is what I use to test stuff with). Then I downloaded a new, free app onto the clean iPod. I loaded some settings on there and made some changes in the app. I then hooked it up to iTunes and checked the Sync apps checkbox. The...
  23. GlenL

    iTunes has deleted my apps!?!?

    My belief is that if you were to sync apps and then do a restore from your backup, then it "should" put the data back on the apps. However, you must be careful with backups because iTunes only keeps one backup and you don't want the iPad to backup at the wrong time and overwrite the version that...
  24. GlenL

    Buying Ipad2 - BestBuy/Apple Online/Amazon ?

    The Amazon stores charge a little bit more than retail i.e. The 16 GB wifi is $540 + shipping. I'm thinking that's how they make their money since they're not an Apple authorized dealer. In the end, it looks like your savings are nil if you go that route. I would get it straight from Apple to...
  25. GlenL

    iTunes has deleted my apps!?!?

    How did you back up your iPad? Have you downloaded all the apps onto your desktop that you bought on your iPad?
  26. GlenL

    Which Remote Desktop?

    If you're referring to TeamViewer, I found it in the app store w/o any issues.
  27. GlenL

    iTunes has deleted my apps!?!?

    If you just install the deleted app again, it won't restore your files. You'll have to find a restore point that includes all your apps that you want back. I thought that there was a way to choose an older restore point.
  28. GlenL

    iTunes has deleted my apps!?!?

    Check out It says that an iTunes backup will save all your iWork for iOS files, so all you need to do is perform an iPad restore as BluRay suggested. And for God's sakes, never uncheck the box next to Sync Apps in iTunes unless you want stuff deleted.
  29. GlenL

    Problem with Email

    Post more posts!
  30. GlenL

    Could Apple Stop You Filming Concerts With Your iPhone or iPad?

    I will only frequent a theater chain called Alamo Drafthouse. They have a strict no talking and no texting policy. They kicked out one rowdy customer a couple weeks ago, and then used her expletive-filled ranting voicemail as a Public Service Announcement before movies to not talk/text. You...
  31. GlenL

    Video Chat on iPad 2/Questions

    You can definitely use Skype to video chat. First you need to call your friend normally through Skype, then after he is connected, you should be able to click the video chat button.
  32. GlenL

    Hot to get the photo icon back if you, lost it ?

    To search for apps that may be hidden within folders or pages, just keep going to the left-most page until you see the Search bar. From there you can type in your app name that you're trying to find!
  33. GlenL

    are you a mac or a windows user?

    My thoughts exactly! I love using Wunderlist, Feedly, Evernote and many other apps for their ability to sync back to my "home" computer.
  34. GlenL

    PC user's first week with IPAD

    Oh I think you misunderstood the utility of Instapaper. Instapaper is only a webpage "clipper", for lack of a better word. And once you read the clipping in Instapaper, then that web clipping will vanish, because it assumes you've read it and no longer need it. Just like discarding the physical...
  35. GlenL

    PC user's first week with IPAD

    You need to open up instapaper and let it download all your saved pages while you still have your Internet connection (do this before you leave your Internet-enabled area). Then you can view those articles later without Internet connection.
  36. GlenL

    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    When you use the hotspot on your iPhone with your iPad then you should be able to get GPS from it. That's one solution. Another is to buy a compatible external GPS device. You'll want to read up on which ones are compatible before buying it.
  37. GlenL


    In addition to what Tim posted, the virus would have to be compatible with your iPad to do any damage to it. That is either very rare or non-existent right now. Regular ol' PC viruses won't run on it, although in the future somebody could come up with one I'm sure.
  38. GlenL

    Belkin transparent rear cover ...

    It's the dirt, sand and grit that gets into cases that cause the real wear. That's why I prefer stuck-on skins or no case at all.
  39. GlenL

    NEW iPad iOS 5 Keyboard Feature SPLIT IT UP!

    This was in the WWDC 2011 keynote. This is a must have feature IMO. I can't stand typing on the iPad right now.
  40. GlenL

    For those with wifi only versions of the ipad 2

    Hotspots require a hotspot? Also looks like your friend is upgrading from an iPad 1 to an iPad 2 Wi-Fi. So then 3G isn't needed by everybody. Depends on your area and the places you frequent. I dont have tethering and I have a wifi only iPad and I get along just fine.