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  1. Abmvk

    Connect iPad with Raspberry Pi

    You would find them if you look for “Explaining Computers” a channel with lots of stuff around Raspberry Pi and alternatives
  2. Abmvk

    Connect iPad with Raspberry Pi

    Thanks, I will try it. And if I may suggest a use for the pi: if you don’t use it, sell it. There is a great demand and no production, so some people will be thankful for it
  3. Abmvk

    Connect iPad with Raspberry Pi

    Does anyone here have any experience with using the iPad as a platform to do coding for an attached Raspberry Pi? At this moment I have a headless Pi, connected to my iPad, running Samba and SSH. If I understand correctly I should be able to use VSC via Blink to do coding on the Pi. But I have...
  4. Abmvk


    New to this forum. It was suggested to me by ChatGPT when I was looking for a iPad related forum. Been a long time iPad Pro user, for both work and fun. The only reason I have a MacBook as well, is for Teams and Zoom calls. The iPad does about all the rest. Well, and two Raspberry Pies for...