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  1. Hedonismrobot

    Lockscreen notifications not showing up

    I dont have inteliscreen and have nothing like it installed. I have been able to scroll in notifications while in lock mode as I accidentally deleted the "slide knob" through springtomize and got lucky by opening straight from lockscreen by drop down menu. If that makes any sense to you. Now it...
  2. Hedonismrobot

    Lockscreen notifications not showing up

    Have a feeling it could be caused by lockscreen theme ..
  3. Hedonismrobot

    Lockscreen notifications not showing up

    Hey everyone I'm trying to get the notifications in my lockscreen on scroll down. I already set them up for display in lockscreen for mail twitter wwf etc. but nothing after I lock. Also have wee twitter widget set up working but again not in locked mode. Any troubleshooting I can do?
  4. Hedonismrobot

    Anyway to force youtube to play standard definition instead of best posible?

    Wifi where I am is not great and I would like to be Able to use standard def. when watching videos on YouTube. Any suggestions?
  5. Hedonismrobot

    Kobo adding books

    Thank you very much! I ended up just downloading the book again. It's freeware and past it's copyright. I then used izip to open book from KOBO. Since the download came with a mobi and an ePub I had a choice between iBooks and kobo. It would be really nice if the apps could sync and have the...
  6. Hedonismrobot

    noki.iPad - winterboard

    Love the lockscreen. I'm a bit of a noob but is that a custom lock or a widget since its weather/clock date. Really like the clean look but don't need a full theme
  7. Hedonismrobot

    Kobo adding books

    Hi there. Very new user trying to add books to my kobo app. I used iTunes to add 200+ books to iBooks. Not sure if they are drm free or not as most are epubs from file sharing sites. But I'm having trouble finding Amy information as to add books in kobo, I've used feed books to add one but do I...