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  1. jtlessons

    Skype & ipad combo

    So, this will be the same with a poor internet connection as well.
  2. jtlessons

    Skype & ipad combo

    Hey Johanna, so you could use skype & ipad if the ipad was added to your cellular data plan? That would mean you could make a skype call without being on wifi?...if so, amazing. But what is the call quality?
  3. jtlessons

    Skype & ipad combo

    Hi all! I am posting here looking for user experiences with skype on the ipad. My job is teaching guitar, bass & ukulele on skype. Lately, I have had a few students using their ipads for lessons and it is pretty darn cool. I have been teaching on skype for 3 years now and have not been...